According to my 10K training plan, today I was supposed to run a full 5K without stopping to walk. I set my alarm to get out there at 9:30am, but as usual, I hit snooze a few times until I finally decided I would let myself sleep in for a while on a Saturday. This proved fatal to my training run.

I had no motivation to get out there. Since moving home, I see a lot more TV than when I lived on my own, because we didn’t pay for cable. Not to say this is necessarily a bad thing – I’m still as active as usual, but when I do sit down to relax in front of a screen, TV has been a refreshing alternative to the same websites and the constant refreshing of my Facebook newsfeed.

It is, however, just as easy to get sucked in and not be able to get up and look away when the sofa is comfy and the show is funny. A movie was on and even though I found it cheesy and dated and very, very 80’s, it was still seconds before I was following a storyline and didn’t want to get up and pump myself up for a run.

I did two 2.8 mile runs earlier this week and got through them just fine – what was 2 more minutes of running? Somehow I psyched myself out about it before I ever left the house. I had to imagine myself physically pushing away the thought that kept kicking in: “I’m not going to do this today” or “this isn’t happening today.”

In the end I made it about 1.8 miles until after rounding a corner I stopped to walk. I’m not sure if I imagined it or if it was real but I didn’t want to take any risks when I felt like what might have been a little bit of heat exhaustion. Even just walking back home was rough and I ran some of it just to get home faster, but man, that was a rough outing today.

I’m going on an 11-mile hike tomorrow, and my quads are still sore from pressing myself to run a 9:16 mile on Thursday, so I probably won’t be able to attempt the full 5K again til at least Tuesday. I’ve restructured my playlist and I’m going to try the same route I tried today, which I think played into my psych out – I usually do an out and back route but this was a new kind of loopier and twistier route which I find makes it harder for me to sustain a run through. Tuesday’s weather is looking kinda humid, so must remember to hydrate well all day (cause Lord knows I won’t be able to convince myself to run at 4am).

This was my route today:


Right at the corner of that turnaround after mile 1 is the house I grew up in when my family moved to Maryland right before my 6th birthday. I lived there until right before my 11th birthday. You can see from my starting point (my house) that it ain’t but less than half a mile as the crow flies but since it’s a whole other neighborhood and it’d be creepy if I just dropped by I haven’t gone by it in years.

And this is the path that takes you through the turnaround to get to my old house. It was fun running this route because of all the memories living in this neighborhood, and this one in particular makes me laugh. There’s a reason my dad’s nickname for me is Boomers – I was always fucking myself up as a kid. These rails I once tried to run up and across like they were balance beams and ended up falling off and face planting onto the pavement, my teeth actually making full on contact, bloodying up my whole mouth.


Luckily as you can see from the map, running home to cry to Mom to fix me up wasn’t that far. 😉

So I’m going to try this same route again and try not to let the loop aspect throw me, and also more properly prepare for the heat. My next 5k, aside from a mud run that I’m doing with some friends just for plain old fun, is the Redskins Back to Football 5k at FedEx field on September 7, and since I’m going to be decked out in a gold sparkly skirt for Childhood Cancer Awareness month (for my fundraiser) I definitely want to put in a good showing!