Oh mah GAH y’all. I feel like a BEAST. I was waiting for this week of training for a reason. Today was my first day doing a structured 10 minute run 1 minute walk repeat interval. My training app stopped me after four repeats of this, but I could have kept going. I felt awesome. Even though I just ran yesterday and probably should have taken the day off, and now have a pretty rad blister on my foot to show for it, I felt completely awesome. Not only that, but I actually made pretty good time (for me)!!

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 11.03.58 PM

Keep in mind this is includes book-ending five-minute warm up and cool down brisk walks. If I didn’t record my warm up and cool down walks and instead added another 10:1 repeat, my distance would have been even further. I felt like I could have at least doubled this.

There were a number of factors that made running the 10 minute intervals fun tonight: 1) 10 minutes of running is pishposh after 30 minutes of jogging, 2) the weather was PERFECT, I mean PERFECT – NO humidity, a light breeze, just beautiful, and 3) my playlist kicked ass. I had been in a debate about what makes country musicians have more longevity in their careers than pop musicians with a good friend of mine, and whenever I get to talk about country music I could go on forever. I was born and raised on it and it’s part of the fabric of my very being, it’s in every beat of my heart, so when I get to talking about it, I have to listen to it.

I threw together a playlist of the most bootstompin’ rowdy honky-tonk kinda songs I could think of off the top of my head and for 4 1/2 miles tonight I was rocking along to “Hillbilly Bone” by Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins, “She’s Country” by Jason Aldean, “Wildflower” by the JaneDear Girls, “That’s How Country Boys Roll” by Billy Currington, and a couple of my favorite Miranda Lambert songs – “What About Georgia” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” I threw in some old-school Alabama and some “Ramblin’ Man” by the Allman Brothers and I just had plain fun motoring along. I debated putting “Hillbilly Bone” on repeat.

I couldn’t believe my speed even with walking breaks. I usually average a 12 to a 12:30 mile; I’m pretty slow. I think knowing I had brief rests coming, and some of the interval track training I’ve done, and just the burst of happy energy really pushed me along. And I’m shocked at my speed in mile 4 – I hoofed it up a pretty no-nonsense hill on that mile!

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 11.13.52 PM

It’s RIGHT after that 3 mile marker that is a pretty serious hill – I was hoofing it for the .1 mile to the 5k split and crested it right at 3.1. I thought my legs would feel like lead once I was up it but I just kept on going – Zac Brown Band was doing their thing on my earphones and I just kept motoring.

This run totally renewed my confidence in the Army Ten Miler in October. Hell, if you don’t count the 10 minute warm-up/cool down, and I just go at my 5k on September 7 dashing for 10 minutes, walking for 1, and repeat, I might actually PR? As it was even with the five minute walk warm-up I was 3 minutes faster than my most recent 5k.

So I’m pretty stoked. I’m not looking forward to my training plan telling me to jog for 60 minutes straight in 5 weeks, but we’ll see what it does for me and then I’ll probably go back to the 10:1.

I know these mile times look HELLA slow to seasoned runners, but keep in mind – I’m the girl who thought of every excuse in the book to get out of running the mile in K-12 gym class, that couldn’t run a lap around the soccer field for practice before crapping out with a side ache, that 2 years ago almost shoved my boyfriend when he urged me to run “just a little bit further” and we hadn’t even gone a half a mile yet.

Renewed confidence is a GREAT feeling. 🙂