I hate cross-training days. If it weren’t for taking care of my joints, I’d probably only ever run and hike.

I think the problem is I stopped making cross-training fun. I started out this foray into “exercise,” something I was never really a fan of for longer than a several-month period, by trying to make exercise more about fun than getting healthy. If it felt like work I didn’t want to do it – I do enough of that at the office. So I joined soccer teams, signed up for races that got me cool swag, hiked in beautiful nature settings, and entertained taking up rock-climbing until I saw how much lessons cost. Eck.

But lately I’ve grown addicted to running and my “off days” find me pretty much not being very creative and just going to the gym for some weight-training and the elliptical to keep my cardio up but rest my joints.

Last night I followed my 10K Trainer plan and it took me 4.4 miles – my pace was a bit slower than the previous run, possibly because the root had changed a bit and also because the newness of the 10:1 ratio was a little less exciting. But I did it, and even though miles 3 and 4 felt really tough, I felt great afterward.

Today, however, my knees were definitely feeling the push and I knew I had to take it easy, as much as I yearned to log some miles. I pouted and whined and put it off and finally hauled my ass to the gym to spend 30 minutes on the elliptical. I did not feel like weight training (though I did spend a few minutes on my triceps and abs) so I figured 30 minutes of cardio was better than not doing anything at all.

This about sums up why I hate the gym. I find it boring and monotonous and I don’t like exercising for the sake of exercising. I like to have fun.


Tomorrow I’ll do my final day of week 9 of the 10K trainer before moving onto a slightly more challenging week. But I’m hating this rut of not enjoying cross-training.

I have a 7 mile hike on Sunday that I’m looking forward to, but what are your suggestions to make cross-training fun? I’m looking for cheap ideas! The nearest yoga studio is a bitttt pricey for my taste.