So this week I’ve been kind of discouraged about running. I signed up for a 5K that I’m running in a week to try and light a fire under my butt to get excited about perks and swag bags and adding to my bib collection, etc, but with my sore legs lately, and a tough run last night (that involved a little more walking than I’m proud to admit), I’m feeling like a pretty sore runner.

On top of that, I know, I know, I know I need to do more cross-training to build my muscles so I can run longer and more often without injuring myself, but my cross-training options are currently a little limited. I just started a new job after interning all summer.  I had zero money for things like yoga classes, and working out on my own without a structure (like actually DOING the YouTube tutorials instead of just watching them) tends to find me… well, tends to not find me. The idea of going to the gym and staring at the wall while pumping iron or using a machine for cardio bores me to tears.

So now that I finally will have a bit of spending money, I plan to spend it on… training.

One of the ways I’ve been itching to cross-train is swimming. Completely impact-free, full-body workout. And I freaking love the water. The ocean, the pool, preferably the ocean but I’ll take what I can get… pretty much any time I’m in a body of water I turn into this in my head:

ImageSo I was trying to look into some local swimming lessons for adults – because as much as I love being in the water, I’m a VERY weak swimmer – but none of them fit into my schedule.

So my next option for cross-training I went to is, of course, yoga, now that FINALLY I will start getting paid next week. I’m currently on a temp-hire basis at my new job, so I can’t really ask for a schedule adjustment yet, but I’m hoping after a couple of weeks I can change my Friday schedule from 9-5:30 to 8:30-5 so I can make 5:30 heated yoga on Fridays at my old yoga studio.

Then there’s my age-old nemesis, Body Pump. I swear, the first time I took this class I think I went down a dress size in a single week. It kills me, but a coworker at my internship over the summer swears by it, and has the sculpted biceps to prove it. She said if I go regularly for a few weeks I won’t feel so deathly sore every time but still get good sculpting results, and that’s what I want. Body Pump works your biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, core, thighs, glutes, quads, everything. I can barely walk for three days after a class but I’m going to try to trust Rachael – the total body sculpting and strengthening will be worth it when I translate it to the pavement.

Body Pump class

Of course, both the yoga class I prefer and this particular class at the gym are highly popular so it’s tough to get a spot. But I need that instructor. At least for now. I know that about myself – it’s the only way I stuck with running at first. Having a voice in my ear telling me when to walk and when to run was what kept me on track, literally.

Speaking of running coaching, my final plan to add to my weekly workout plans are joining a running training team. Run Farther and Faster is the only organized program around with running coaches that has a plan that fits into my schedule. Like the local swimming lessons, all the good running stores in the area that offer training plans for fall and winter races meet on Wednesdays, when I have class at night after work all day, or don’t have plans at all until like November to January. But RF&F meets Sunday mornings for long runs in the Bethesda area so I’m hoping to start with them on Sunday September 15 (which, incidentally, is the morning after my first 10K. Maybe a bad choice).

ImageSo, my plan for this past summer didn’t work out so well with an hour and 15 minute commute each way to work and not having any money to do the kind of cross-training I was motivated to do, but it’s never too late to try and recommit to a new plan.

So here goes:

Sundays: Long morning runs with RF&F
Mondays: XT – Body Pump at 8:15PM
Tuesday: Short-ish training run
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: Short-ish training run
Friday: Hot Yoga at 5:30PM
Saturday: Intervals or hill repeats (or races…)

I know I will stray from time to time, but I think this is a pretty solid plan to at least improve from where I’m at now rather than plateauing. I don’t need to run a sub 2 hour half marathon in February, or a sub 30 minute 5K any time soon, but I want to go to sleep at night knowing I’m working hard.

And yes, I am going to try and yet again recommit to eating better.

Starting Sunday.