Are you excited about fall race season as I am?
Are you addicted to signing up for races?
Do you love to run?
Do you love a fun and easy way to do a good deed?
Are you aware that fewer than 20% of the 4,200 children diagnosed PER YEAR with brain cancer survive?

Do you want to do something about that?

I got you covered. This fall, we’re turning November into NOAHvember, with a virtual 5K race that benefits the Noah’s Light Foundation.

5k for Team Noah - November
NOAHvember Virtual 5K!

But wait, it’s only October right now! Well, since virtual races can include all types of people, I’m anticipating a few questions I want to give people time to learn about. You can start registering now, and train up to give the NOAHvember 5K your best when you run it in NOAHvember.

  • What is a Virtual Race?

    • A virtual race is a convenient and fun way to bring people together from all over the world for a common cause.
    • Whether you live in Maryland or Indonesia, whether you work nights, weekends, days, or 72 hour shifts, you can run or walk your NOAHvember 5K anywhere at any time during the duration of the race period (which in this case is November 1-30).

      running fall team noah noahvember 5k
      Running in the fall!
    • This virtual race benefits Noah’s Light Foundation. It is a way to get as many people as possible involved in saving the lives of child brain cancer patients without being limited by location or schedule.
  • How do I enter? How much does it cost me? How does it work?!

    • It’s easy! Register here by making a donation to my Noah’s Light fundraising page. Just $15 gets you entry to the race! Most 5K races cost upwards of $25-$40 – all you have to do is making a $15 donation to the BALDerDASH for Cancer fundraising page and you’re entered!
    • After making your registration donation, head on over to the NOAHvember Virtual 5K Fundraiser Facebook event page to RSVP and join in the sharing fun. Everyone is encouraged to post pictures from their run, share their stories, post videos, and send your fellow runners encouragement!
    • ANY TIME, ANYWHERE between November 1-30, walk or run 3.1 miles.
    • Send me proof your completed distance – neviebrooks [at], on the Facebook page, on Twitter (@nevieb)
    • Race results will be posted on the Facebook page as they come in if you want to see how everyone else is doing! If you’re in it to win it, feel free to re-register and go at it again to resubmit a better time!
    • On December 1, after NOAHvember ends, the full results list will be posted so the world can see what an awesome thing you did for charity.
  • I’m not a runner. Why should I do this?

    • Nobody judges you about your time or performance in a Virtual Race. You still get your swag (bib, certificate, and the chance to win a non-performance related medal) even if you walk the whole thing.
    • You can choose to post your time and brag about it on Facebook, or you can privately send it to me through text, private Facebook message, or email as proof of completion and let it be.
    • Whether you choose to sprint, run, jog, walk, crawl, or twerk your way across 3.1 miles, your participation in this month-long event helps fund research to cure the deadliest form of cancer in children. That’s something WAY cooler than winning an organized race based on your running speed or athletic performance.
    • Anyone with a child of their own, a niece or nephew they adore, a mentee they care for, a babysitting client that is precious to them, could face the news of a brain tumor in their tiny loved one. This race is for everyone.
  • What do I get?

    • Just for registering, you get a personalized race bib with your name and unique race number. Feel free to wear it when you run and photograph yourself wearing it proudly as a supporter of Team Noah!
    • All finishers receive a personalized finishers’ certificate with the details of the race and your accomplishment! You ran 3.1 miles for charity! Show it off!


      5k finisher certificate
      Sample Finishers’ Certificate. You did something awesome.
    • And yes, there are medals! Who gets them?

      • The overall male and female winners (to qualify for this, you must show proof of time either through a GPS-tracking app on your phone [screenshot it!] or a picture of your Garmin or a picture of your treadmill stats.)
      • Best recruiter. Whoever refers the most racers gets the best medal of them all. Just have the people you refer let me know you sent them and you’ll get a tally toward winning this category.

        The overall winner's medal. Different designs for each category :)
        The overall winner’s medal. Different designs for each category 🙂
      • Best costume! Draw attention to the cause while you run through your neighborhood or pound the treadmill at the gym. Wanna run your 3.1 in a tutu? Dressed up in an orange jumpsuit like Orange is the New Black or a red trench coat like Pretty Little Liars? A teddy bear onesie? (Actually don’t do that one.) The runner with the most creative and fun costume wins a medal for spreading awareness for the cause!
      • Farthest away runner! The race is organized here in the DC area – if you’re joining us from Texas, Hawaii, maybe even Guam or Finland, you could win for super-coolest global Jedi Noah team member!
      • Best Vine or Instagram video taken on your run. Did you turn your 5K into an obstacle course and film yourself hopping a fence? Did you swing from a Wrecking Ball at the 1.5 mile marker? Are you like me and sometimes you like to sing Mumford and Sons while you run in dark, quiet neighborhoods at night?! Post your sweet feat or antic to the Facebook page and maybe win a medal! (Hint: if your video brings awareness to NLF or the importance of fighting childhood brain cancer, you mayyyy have an edge at winning.)
  • I REALLY want to win. Someone posted a better time than me. Can I try again?

    • Yes! You just have to register again to compete a second time and complete the distance again before November 30. It’s kind of like the SAT’s I guess?
  • What is the Noah’s Light Foundation?

    • Founded by Amber Larkin in honor of her son Noah (an awesome little kid known as Jedi Noah to his loved ones), who passed away in 2012 at the age of 8
    • Directly funds research on brain tumors in children
    • Responsible for the “Noah Protocol” – Using Noah Larkin’s own cells, researchers made a breakthrough on brain cancer treatment and are “mobilizing Natural Killer (NK) cells in the fight against cancer.  NK cells are our body’s most aggressive white blood cells and are the immune system’s fiercest defenders.”
    • Part of the reason brain cancer is so deadly in children specifically is because traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments are too strong for children that they are toxic. NK cells are child cancer patients’ best hope, and this research has NLF to thank!
    • Read more about the amazing work Noah’s Light is doing here.
  • …how long is a 5K?

    • 3.1 miles of awesome NOAHvembering!
    • (Also, it’s cool. Don’t be embarrassed. I’ve heard people learn that a marathon is 26.2 miles only to then ask “oh, so how long is a half marathon?” Math!)
    • (Also, that person might have been me.)

Happy Trails! And on behalf of Team Noah, thank you.

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