Recently I was selected to be part of Run This Year 2014 Team as an official Ambassador!


Run This Year is an awesome community that motivates its members to push themselves a little (or a lot) harder than they might otherwise. It’s free running community that challenges and inspires you to run as many miles as you can in one year! Run This Year is for anyone who strives to run all year and maybe even run the year in miles!

There are three ways you can participate:

1. Run 2,014 miles in 2014

2. Run 2,014 kilometers (1,251.4 miles) in 2014

3. Create Your Own Goal – if you’re a relative newbie like me, 2,014 miles is probably not a healthy or responsible goal. Maybe 1,251 miles isn’t either. But we’re challenging you to set the bar higher than your comfort zone, and you can decide what that is for you!

Me personally? I’ll be going with an amalgamation of plans in the third option. My A goal is 1,400 miles in 2014, including 14 races. My B goal will be the 1,251.4, and my C goal is 1,000. Furthermore, I want to make up whatever distance I don’t run by walking or hiking the difference – so if I run 1,400 miles, I want to walk/hike 614 more for a total 2,014 miles traveled on foot.

I have some other small micro-goals as far as fitness this year – I want to actually complete a whole month’s worth of a Plank Challenge, I want to go back to yoga weekly, I want to run before work at least once a week, and I want to go to Body Pump at least twice a week.

The start of a new calendar year is a fine marker to mentally prepare oneself for new ambitions, but especially for running. I suggest signing up for Daily Mile to track all your miles in one place, because if you’re like me, sometimes you run with a watch, sometimes you run with your phone, sometimes you run with both and things are off, sometimes you’re on the treadmill – the Daily Mile running log can keep all your various accumulations of mileage in one place. Run This Year also has a submission form for monthly mileage reports!

This is important to me not just as a runner but as a human being empowered by my own physical ability. Discovering the ability and strengths of my own two legs in 2013 was life-changing, and seeing the world on foot, taking time to walk some place I might normally drive or metro, afforded me so many beautiful experiences I would not have otherwise had. Even walking to a babysitting gig instead of metroing left me in the pouring rain in downtown DC – that I would not have traded. Deciding to walk found me huddling under canopies and at Union Station with others caught in the rain, brief connections I wouldn’t otherwise have had if I’d taxi’d, driven, or even metro’d (most people just try to avoid eye contact and are in a terrible mood on that one). It also saved me money!

So whatever you think you want to make your goal, I encourage you to join us at RTY 2014. Head over to the Run This Year webpage to find sample running calendars to keep you on track and the online submission form to be part of the community and stay up to date.

So to review:

  • Follow Run This Year on TwitterFacebook or Instagram and join in the conversation!
  • Enter the giveaways we do throughout the year.
  • Log your miles on this form to be included in the monthly mileage reports!
  • Show you are part of #runthisyear with a profile picbadge and/or post the badges on the right to your blog or website!

Are you ready to Run This Year?