As word of the #RunThisYear 2014 community spreads, we on the Run This Year team want to give some shoutouts to our badass runners who plan to take 2014 by storm – on foot. Our first runner profile of the year is Jeremy Heath, a marathoner in Arizona who blogs at Confessions of an Amateur Athlete.

Run This Year community runner Jeremy!

When I asked Jeremy how he first got into running, he cited the desire to beat the Freshman Fifteen back in college. How’s this for winning that battle? “I signed up for my first 5K… and ended up losing 40lbs and winning my age division! I’ve been running and racing ever since,” he recalled. Ah, if all our first race experiences could be so wildly successful.

After Jeremy caught the bug, he began upping his mileage. One of his favorite race memories was “running with an ULTRA team in the So Cal Ragnar Relay.  It was torture, it was exhausting, and I loved every minute of it!” After participating in an Ultra as a relay, Jeremy now aspires to run an Ultra race solo. His Run This Year goal of 2,014km “will give me a great base for the intense training that comes with Ultras,” he says.

An Arkansas native now living in Phoenix, he has some west coast races on his schedule for 2014, including the intention to PR at the San Francisco Marathon (his goal is 3:30!). He notes, “Running across the Golden Gate Bridge has always been on my bucket list.”

So why did Jeremy decide to join up with us at RTY? “I’ve always went into the new year with a new challenge in mind. This year … I wanted something that would really challenge me all year round. Joining the Run This Year community will help motivate me throughout the entire year, and knowing other runners are participating with me across the country is exciting as well!”

Interested in following Jeremy on his Run This Year journey? You can check him out in the following spots:

Twitter:   (@runblogaz)
Instagram: @runner_blogger_az
Happy running Jeremy! The RTY community is with you every step of the way!
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