So! Here we are, two weeks into 2014, and I’m terrible at weekly training recaps. Oops, running blogger rule #? not my strong point. But let’s take a looksie back at the work I’ve been putting in toward the Charleston Half Marathon this Saturday, my second half marathon!

Last week the plan was 5 miles with speed work on Wednesday, 6 miles on Thursday, cross-training Friday, 5 miles on Saturday, and 12 miles on Sunday before beginning taper. Then I’d run 2 miles on Monday, cross-train on Tuesday, bringing us to today, when I am to run 2 miles. I’ve also been doing Meatless Mondays and Vegan Thursdays.

So how’d I do?

Wednesday: 5 treadmill miles with warm up and cooldown jogs, plus sprint/walk intervals on the treadmill – 53:12 (10:38 pace)

Thursday: 5 treadmill miles that I struggled through. Makes a huge difference whether I’m treadmilling at the gym or in my basement – the gym has fans, TV right on the treadmill screen, and a mirror to distract myself by paying attention to my running form. My basement gets stuffy, is kind of dark (in a cozy way, which makes me sleepy), and even if I turned the TV on I couldn’t hear it from and over the treadmill. I didn’t reach my 6th scheduled mile and barely made the 5 in under an hour. Ouch.

Friday: My cross-training of choice was HOT YOGA! So glorious. It had been – wait for it – 9 MONTHS since I’d been to yoga. The beautiful thing was I noticed how much stronger I was from all the Body Pump, but also that my mind was in a “I have to get this right” place rather than a “be in the moment place.” My instructor, Tan-O, was brilliant about reminding us to be in the moment and let it be messy. I felt SO good after that 75-minute session. Sore for days in the best kind of way.

Saturday: 6 treadmill miles to make up for Thursday’s wimp-out. And I killed it. 2.25 miles at a 10:42 easy pace with 1200 speed intervals for a total time of 1:01:31. Best part? My phone wasn’t working to play music so I plugged into the Olympic figure-skating trials and it was awesome motivation and distraction. Left feeling so good about the work I’d put in.

Sunday Runday.

Sunday: No need to elaborate. 10.68 miles outside! Read about it here. 

Monday: Body Pump baby! Can’t switch around my favorite day just because a taper week says so. 😉 My friend Jill I always go with couldn’t make it, the class was packed, ran long, AND it was dominated by the negative, complain-loudly-about-everything individual who I always cross my fingers won’t show up to class, BUT I ignored all the factors working against me and put in a good workout. I didn’t mind leaving class before it was over because it is officially taper week and I get to be nice to myself.

ImageMonday was also Meatless Monday and I nailed it. Lunch was bagel and veggie cream cheese. So not vegan, but baby steps. Dinner was a glorious Whole Foods amalgamation of kale slaw, asparagus, and various types of yummy beans. And of course, no Body Pump Monday would be complete without at least 2-3 bananas throughout the day!

Tuesday: Ran 2 easy treadmill miles last night in 20:40. Never trust the first mile. It had me dreading my half-marathon on Saturday, and it was all mental until I got my heart rate up to speed and then the second mile felt like it flew by even though I ran it at the exact same pace. The mind, man. A powerful thing.

So now the race day jitters are setting in now that I’m only 3 days out. On Friday I get to take off work and fly down to Charleston early in the morning and spend the day Expo-ing, carbing up, hanging out with my friend that’s coming with me AND my friend Sarah that lives there who has been a dear friend since high school, and getting to bed early. Come Saturday morning, I’ll just be trying to focus on my mantras. But more on that tomorrow 🙂

How is your 2014 going with your fitness goals?

Any winter races coming up for you?