It’s the first day of February, and that means, only 28 days left of my least favorite time of year! Yes, I know Spring doesn’t officially start until the middle-ish end of March, but basically, February and I do not get along. Like, I have NEVER had a good February. It has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day – I actually really like pampering myself on Valentine’s Day, whether I happen to be seeing someone or not. It’s just generally that winter has been going on way too long already, the holidays are long over, January and the excitement of setting new goals for a fresh new year has often worn off, and it’s just freaking cold and bleak and I miss the sound of birds chirping. My seasonal affective disorder has had ENOUGH.

But! This year! We have high hopes, right? Because coming off the momentum of a very active and accomplished January, February is picking up steam for itself.

I keep a very comprehensive 14-tab spreadsheet that tracks everything from miles run, miles walked, miles hiked, hours of Body Pump, hours of yoga, which shoes tracked the previously logged mileage, how many rest days I took, and more. One tab for each month. And they’re all linked to add up at the end, with a YTD tab, to sum monthly totals and compare them to my YTD goals. Each month averages out what I should be doing to keep up with my goals.

“Oh sweet Lord, you are a robot,” you might say.

This is my answer:


So I lied to you in a previous post. I totally set more fitness goals than I let on. It’s how I keep myself on track to keep cross-training when really all I want to do is run, or to make sure to remember to take a rest day, or to not take too many rest days.

You know by now my Run This Year goal is 1400 miles, but I also want:
614 miles in walking and hiking, averaging to roughly 25 miles of each per month
5 hours of yoga a month [or once a week 75-minute sessions]
8 hours of Body Pump a month [or, twice a week one-hour classes]
Plank every day, raising the time per plank by 15 seconds every month (January started with 45-second planks)
PR my half-marathon

I wasn’t kidding.

But… do I ever have time for a life? Surprisingly yes. But we’ll get to that in another post. The point is, this very comprehensive to-do list is both a manifestation of my absolute need to keep myself accountable to ever be a productive human being, and a very effective tool for staying focused and goal-driven so I don’t lose all sense of purpose in life during winter,

So how’d I do?

Resolution: Run 116.67 miles in accordance with my Run This Year goal.
Actual: Ran 110.2 miles.

Screen shot 2014-02-01 at 1.23.26 AMI track my stats in 5 different ways. Yes, you read that right, five. (5). Cinco. One for each finger on one hand. They all serve a different purpose to me but mainly I just want to make sure I’m remembering to track it because I am that curious to see what I can do and I am that obsessive compulsive that I will track something wrong… so I have backups. Above is a screenshot from my Endomondo challenge which tracks my YTD mileage of either running or treadmill running. Now that January is over and I’ll want to see specifically what I do in February, I created a new challenge for myself on that app with dates only for February.

So I fell 6.47 miles short, but considering I only ran just over 500 miles for the WHOLE of 2013, I consider it a VERY good start to the year, especially in the face of such shitty weather that’s made me want to stay indoors and hide.

Resolution: Hike 25ish miles, walk 25ish miles.
Actual: Walked 1.3 miles (at least, tracked).

When I say “walk,” in this case, I mean, set out walking with the intention to walk. This may look like a major fail for the month of January, but I make up for these miles big time in nice weather when I just want to go out and be in nature. I’m not worried about it.

Resolution: 5 hours of yoga
Actual: 3 hours 45 minutes of yoga.

I missed a week, the week I went down to Charleston for the race. I like to go on Fridays when my studio does $5 heated vinyasa, and well, I was just plain out of town and taking it easy for taper week. Again, for the first month, I’ll take it. Also, I discovered I can now do wheel pose for the first time since I was a bendy little 8 year old! Win.

This is not me. Credit to
This is not me. Credit to

Resolution: 8 hours of Body Pump.
Actual: 5 hours of Body Pump.

I kind of decided after the month started to try and do Pump twice a week. And with taper for the half marathon, and the new tattoo, I just didn’t make it to every intended session. But the good news is I recently was able to up my weights. Not having gone in over a week, however, I’ll probably back down when I triumphantly return on Monday.

Resolution: Plank 45 seconds every day.

Mostly this happened when in my cubicle I felt I needed a wake-me-up. I’m a little nervous to up it to a minute starting today, but I’m also excited about the noticeable change it brings to my yoga work. It really is strengthening my arms and core and I’m excited to face the challenge of an extra 15 seconds. The key will be to breathe well through it.

Resolution: PR the Charleston Half Marathon
Actual: PR’d by 6:44. Baller.


So, I think I did pretty well. I didn’t meet all my goals, but there’s that old saying “shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”? That’s how I’m looking at it. I never would have even done nearly this much if I hadn’t set the bar high for myself. I’m not the kind of person to beat myself up over missing a goal, or to consider not accomplishing something in full a failure. The only thing I consider failure is wanting to do something and not even trying. And I don’t even see failure as necessarily a bad thing – I see it as a fear to overcome, and we all have those.

So what’s on tap for February? Well, the running, hiking, and walking mileage targets remain the same. As do the yoga and Body Pump goals.

Specifically for February, I’m taking away the “PR the half marathon goal” (there’s no way I’m not gonna stop for character photos at the Princess Half, I feel no need to run that thing to PR it) and replacing it with “PR my 5K.” I’m running a 5K race on February 9th and my A goal is to go sub-30 and my B goal is just to beat my current PR, which is 30:46.

Add to that planking 1 minute per day instead of 45 seconds, and I’ve got my work cut out for me this February!

My C goal for February is to survive it without feeling like this on the 28th:

75316e9f43aade4b68c42dad23fa46cfWish me luck!

What are your goals for February?

Do you hate February as much as I do? Let’s be friends.