Two days into March and I’m on track with my monthly goals!

As part of my pledge to Run This Year, I’ve set my monthly goal to 116.67 again, as I fell short in February and refuse to give up on hitting that mark. It’s the average per month I need to hit my 1,400 mark for the year, so even setting it just there won’t catch me up, but here in Nevie-land we (I) believe in not only setting high goals, but, you know, also feesibly achievable ones. So I’ll aim to hit 116.67 first, then make up for lost ground. (Literally.)


Only two days in, I’ve racked up 14.43 miles, which is pretty sweet. On Saturday I went for a 4.4ish mile run in the evening, which had me hopping over still unmelted snow banks. And by snow banks I mean more like giant solid heaps of gray saltsnow. I hate winter. But the run felt great. It was in the 40s out which is only acceptable temperatures for running. Otherwise, way too cold. But running? I’ll take it. It felt great to get outside and loosen my legs up on some hills after Glass Slipper Challenge had my hip flexors feeling kinda tight and the weather had me on treadmills all week.

my favorite Instagrams are other people’s picstitches of their runs, so sometimes I like to do the same

Today was my long run, but more about that later.

I’m going back to aiming for Body Pump twice a week and yoga once a week. I usually go Mondays and Thursdays to Body Pump, but snow today has cancelled evening classes at the gym, so it’s just a matter of switching things around a little. Usually tomorrow I do a short 3 mile run, and I’ll do that tonight instead on my basement treadmill. I’m actually doing it as part of a Virtual Race, so stay tuned for the recap!

And I’ve upped my planking to 1 minute and 15 seconds a day, plus adding 25 crunches a day! A lot to remember to do.

Image credit Run Rock n Roll

On March 15, I’ll be running the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half Marathon in my hometown of DC. (Okay technically my hometown is Rockville, Maryland but we’re on the red line.) I loved running through the district during the Army Ten Miler. I have heard Rock ‘n’ Roll USA is a tough course, but I’m excited to try my first Run Rock ‘n’ Roll event. My goal is to not go out too fast and work on negative splitting the race, whatever my net time ends up being. I don’t like hating every step of the last mile – so I’m gonna try a different approach.


This month’s Run This Year theme is run lucky. Has a race ever gone better than you expected it would? Have you had any benefits in your life from running that you weren’t expecting when you decided to start running?

Image credit Sean McGonagle

I was toying with the idea trying to set 1 PR per month, but that seemed like a silly goal to strive for, considering the number of half marathons I have lined up, and the range in course elevation among them, to push myself toward. However, it has happened that way! In January I set my half marathon PR to 2:18:17, almost 7 minutes faster than my previous. In February I brought my 5K PR down by 33 seconds. And yesterday I bested my 10 mile PR by 2 1/2 minutes! A PR already in the bag for March, and one that I totally was not expecting. I’ll take it!

I feel very fortunate to be able to run. Every time I see a wheelchair or prosthetic limb athlete in a race I’m so inspired by the perseverance of people who have faced such adversity. Next month, the Boston Marathon will run its 118th year. I feel so lucky to be part of a community that rallied around the victims of last year’s tragedy so closely and lovingly, and so strongly and boldly comes back this year to run stronger than ever.


Tell me about how your year has been going! Did February kick your resolutions’ asses or did you push through?

What are your goals for March?

When was the last time you PR’d a race you totally didn’t go in aiming to PR?