Totally click-baited you.

I moved this weekend. My New Year’s Resolution was to finally get back out of my parents’ house. Last year I took the opportunity to do an unpaid internship while I was in grad school, but didn’t want to spend all my student loans just to live on my own. I’m lucky to have a good relationship with my parents, who still live in the area, so I was fortunate to spend the year not paying rent. It was rough transitioning back to being under my mom and dad’s roof after a year out on my own with my roommate and good friend Andrea. And the year I spent with my parents was fine — low key, cozy, and quiet. But at 25 it is definitely time to strike out again and get myself out of their hair. I’m so close to being done with my Master’s degree and actually have time after work to do more of the things I want to do, not just have to do, so when a great deal at a great house with some great housemates (not to mention the new love of my life, my housemate’s dog Mollie), arose, I snapped it up. And this past weekend was the weekend I made the move.

It left me no time to work out, which is fine. Because this is my last week of freedom before…



I got this email yesterday during a short breathing break from assembling IKEA furniture. When I saw the subject line: “TRAINING ENGAGED,” I almost panicked. Wait! My plan doesn’t start for another week! People doing 20-week training plans are already a week into it, but timing-wise, I went with Hal Higdon’s 18-week Novice plan. I told this to a running store staff member, and after she asked me if I was “going to do a half first,” I shyly replied, “Well I’ve done 7 already.” She replied, “girl you ain’t no novice!” Well, I am a novice to runs longer than 13.1 miles, so I’m sticking the novice.

I am glad I decided to wait to officially start training until next week. I had zero time to run, though I did get quite a workout moving boxes and furniture and assembling furniture and playing a lot of fetch with Mollie the dog (in my new beautiful big backyard! Heaven!) while I waited for the IKEA guys to show up. I didn’t even have time to work on grad school homework, though thank God, this week was a bit lighter in the workload than the last week and the week after this one. Most of the time in life, timing is a bitch — but at least this week it decided to be nice to me.

So what does my last week before the 18-week road to 26.2 look like?


Grad school unpacking furniture assembly integrating my cat to the zoo I now live in and maybe a couple of workouts to keep me limbered up when I can squeeze in the time? Ahhhh!

And then shit gets real.

BUT, right before shit gets real, I’ll be headed to NYC this weekend to run the Queens 10K! It’ll be my second of the 5-Borough Series races from NYRR this year and while I probably won’t be able to do Bronx or Staten Island to be able to qualify for the NYC Half next year, that’s okay. I’m just excited to see Flushing-Meadows Corona Park, maybe try to shoot for somewhere around my 10K PR (currently 1:06) but if I fail miserably, at least I’ll look fly. Because there may be a bit of sparkle in my step, if you know what I mean 😉

(I mean I really like fun race outfits. In case you missed that. Hell yeah I’ll be Instagramming my #flatrunner on Saturday night bizshhhh.)

So here’s to my last week before my training is officially ENGAGED.

Run with the Marines. Oorah.