You may have gotten the hint from my previous posts, but I recently moved into a new house. It’s a slightly longer commute to work, and it is sad to see money for rent come out of my paycheck and know it’s not going toward paying anything off, but the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. For one, when I have to pay rent, I tend to eat better. I know I have to watch my money more carefully, so I cook more and pack lunch more. Two, my new housemates are all really fit and active people, which will be awesome for having people with similar interests around me. Three, it’s walking distance to a public library, and as this blog is titled Writing, Reading, Running, you know I’m pretty excited about that.

Photo credit Montgomery County Public Libraries
Photo credit Montgomery County Public Libraries

The above is less than half a mile from my front door, and I got the beautiful privilege of getting to pass it on my MORNING RUN today!

That’s right, your very own self-proclaimed night run lover is turning into a morning runner. With the oppressive heat and humidity here in the DC area, as well as my neighborhood being not quite as safe as my parents’ (I don’t live in the ghetto, but my car was also circled by some grown men on bikes while I tried to go through an intersection the other night, so…. you know. Safe side.), marathon training is either gonna have to happen in the mornings before the sun really gets going, on the treadmill, or on the rare nice day in the otherwise swampy mid-Atlantic summers.


To get to work on time I have to be out the door by 8am, so starting my run at 7 wasn’t ideal. I knew I’d only have time for a couple of miles if I wanted to give myself enough time to shower, dry my hair, and pack a lunch. From now on I’ll be getting up earlier (she says with such conviction, now) to maybe get either a few extra miles in or not look like a slob going to work because I didn’t have time to dry my hair.

But enough about that! Let’s enoy that run! It was already humid this morning so I set off at a slow trot just to get the feel of the neighborhood and how my legs were feeling after I went to Body Pump on Monday. My legs were definitely sore from squats and lunges, but after about a half a mile they felt more shaken out and I just enjoyed marveling at the way the sun peeked over the tops of the houses and the trees at that time of morning.

I’ve always loved mornings when I manage to be awake for them, but my bed is so comfy! Foils me every time. But as I was running today, I definitely had the thought, I’m so glad I forced myself out of bed this morning. Now I know firsthand what a treat it is to start the day off with a run. I knew my miles were in and my workout done. Instead of feeling tired I had more energy all day and was so much more awake than normal.

What’s that saying? Run the day, before it runs you. I think I’m liking the reality of that saying.

Screen shot 2014-06-18 at 11.29.24 PM

See you Sunday Queens 10K! My new neighborhood is WAY hillier than my old, and that’s saying something, so the super flat Queens 10K course should be a nice change of pace – literally.

What is your most creative way to get your miles in when you lead a busy life?