With my assigned day of rest to recover from the Queens 10K and to even out the alternating Mondays and Fridays of cross-training versus rest days, Tuesday the 24th is my first day of physical activity on the training plan for the 18-week road to Marine Corps Marathon 2014.

I mentioned to someone else recently that “marathon training officially begins next week!” and they laughed and said “so what’s all this been, training for training?”

Yes, yes it has.

Because starting today, I am in “marathon training” mindset. Between training for my spring full of half marathons and the beginning of marathon training, all of my workouts have been sort of planned “as I go.” Trying to keep up with Run This Year, doing a race here or there, generally staying in shape. But now I am back to my structured plan. Today I do this. Tomorrow I do that. So that when I show up to that Marine Corps Marathon starting line, I’ll know all those days I got through and crossed off and know I can trust my training.


Hell yeah I will.

Week 1 is planned as follows:

Monday: Rest (check)
Tuesday: 3 miles speedwork
Wednesday: 3 miles steady
Thursday: 3 miles steady
Friday: Yoga
Saturday: 6 miles (including an 8K race)
Sunday: Cross-training TBD

Sunday I have a memorial celebration (read: my mentor, former coworker, and most importantly, friend, passed away and left wishes for no funeral but instead, a happy celebration of her life full of dancing and yummy food) and a wedding, so I will have to get up early for that cross-training.

But I’m excited! It’s official! Also, I’m now on Facebook! Like the Writing, Reading, Running page to get little updates here and there not extensive enough for a full blog post but still I hope motivating. I’ll also be giving stuff away here and there so it helps to be a fan of the page. 😉 But most importantly, it’ll be fun and funny. Because ERMAHGERD MERATHERN TRERNING!