The Breakdown:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3 miles speedwork
Wednesday: 3 morning miles
Thursday: 3 evening miles
Friday: Hot yoga
Saturday: 6 morning miles
Sunday: Walking and dancing!

Put in the books and cross it off the calendar, y’all, week 1 of 18 marathon training weeks is completed and I skimped on none of it! It started off SUPER thrilling with a scheduled day of rest, though after the Queens 10K I was grateful for it. I settled into my new place by making a pot of pasta, putting my feet up, and catching up on “Girls” on our Roku box with HBO GO.

Tuesday was the day the real work started and made up for any “easing into” training that Monday’s rest day might have given me. Speedwork with Courtney and Julie left me feeling accomplished and sore.

Wednesday I got up early and went for 3 morning miles down onto Rock Creek Trail, which runs the length of my neighborhood and beyond in either direction. It was breathtakingly beautiful and a gorgeous way to start my day, though the hilly run had me tired at work, unlike last week’s morning runs which woke me up for the day.


Thursday was a really special treat – my housemate is training for her first half marathon and I joined up with her and a couple of people from her training group for their evening run. They were going for five miles so I turned and headed for home sooner than they did to stick with my planned three, but it was really nice to start out pacing myself at actual conversation pace and trade “how did you get into running” stories.

Plus, we went the opposite direction on the trail I had gone the day before and oh my gosh.


RIGHT?! It was 7pm so the light was coming through the trees at that magical angle and it was just wonderful. Such a perfect summer evening. It’s been a bit humid but the shady trail has been so cool to run on this week instead of my old neighborhood roads with just car traffic to avoid for scenery.

Friday I went back to yoga for the first time in a month and found I have zero balance left, which you know, was humbling. And Saturday I actually ran in my first 8K race so I got to set an instant PR for that distance — but I had to tack on a cooldown mile to meet my scheduled 6 miles. More about that another day. πŸ˜‰

Sundays on my plan call for open-ended “cross-training” and I had a couple of events that were going to take my whole day. One was a wedding which I didn’t think I’d be doing as much dancing at as I had done at the last wedding I went to, so I went for a walk in the morning… but then ended up dancing my butt off at my friend Jared’s wedding! And trust me, I was wearing a tight dress and my muscle-y runner’s legs felt a bit linebacker-ish. But they came in handy on the dancefloor!

Not pictured: bride and groom. Pictured, in profile: the butt of a body pumper and the legs of a runner. And some of my favorite people πŸ™‚

Weddings: definitely the most fun form of cross-training.

I’m looking forward to this week, since this weekend I’ll get up to 7 miles which will be the farthest I’ve run since the Brooklyn Half back in mid-May. I’m excited to start racking up that mileage again!

Here’s to week 2 ahead!