There’s a little obsessive-compulsiveness in all of us right?


Well, there is a little in me. I think I’ve written before about how much I LOVE LISTS. At the beginning of the year I took it a step further and decided instead of using various apps to track and set all the fitness goals I wanted to meet this year, I’d just create my own spreadsheet.


That is an example of June. I have a different tab for every month, a tab dedicated to races and tracking my net times and any PR’s and if it was a PR by how much, and how many races I did of a certain distance, and was it a course PR or an event PR, and basically I’m nuts.

But I like it. I like clicking through and it’s easier to see how much I was doing or when I was getting lazy than to have to make an app work the way I want it to.

I made the spreadsheet as part of my Run This Year goal, because I wanted to run 1,400 miles in 2014 and walk or hike another 614 to make it 2,014 in 2014, but I wanted to separate out the running. I added on a goal to do 50 crunches a day and plank for at least a minute every day, hopefully working my way up.

I say all this because I have it broken out by month, and June just ended, and I fell pretty short of my goals in June. You see that gap up there in any activity between June 12-15? I was busy moving to a new place. It wasn’t like I wasn’t getting exercise out of it, so I definitely didn’t have the energy to also go for a run or to the gym.

This is how I take naps now.

But there wasn’t much time to rest after moving in. My marathon training plan started a week later, but the mileage starts off pretty low. I don’t want to overdo it and be exhausted just by the time my 14-20 milers show up because I’ve been trying to run 6 miles a day 5 days a week to catch up with my RTY goal, so I’ve adjusted my goal. My injury in March was bound to make it happen at some point, falling behind in my mileage goal. My new Run This Year goal is 1,000 miles for 2014. Being at just over 400 halfway through the year still makes it a challenge — even as my mileage increases for marathon training, that ends in October and I’ll have two months to stay on track to get to 1,000.

Because as obsessive-compulsive as I am about entering data and making lists and goals and tracking my progress, I have also learned how to “shoot for the moon to land among the stars” as they say. As a Run This Year ambassador my excitement about RTY is that it pushes you to go further than you thought you could — and the world isn’t going to end if  you don’t meet your goal. But you will have gone further than if you’d never set the goal in the first place.

That’s sort of my life philosophy. Be ambitious, shoot for the best, but also reflect on how far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished and in moments where you don’t feel like you’re ever going to be as “good” or “great” or “fast” or “strong” or “successful” as you want to be, be able to be grateful for how much better or faster or stronger or more successful you are now than you were before you started going after what you wanted.

CaptureMy goals for July include tracking 85 miles running, which is what my plan calls for. Luckily that’s also about the monthly average to make it to 1,000 in a year, and I’ll make up the ground I lost by being in the 50’s in June later on in my plan.

I also want to run with other people more in July. Yes, I treasure my alone time for running. But running with Courtney and Julie on Tuesdays at the track and linking up with Team RWB yesterday for a very humid 3 miles in downtown Bethesda reminded me how much I love being able to talk to people about running. Most of my friends in my every day life aren’t runners. My new housemates are, so that’s cool, but just being able to get burgers after track practice with C and J and talk about our different goals, or just to generally be around runners who have their minds on running a lot like I do, is kind of awesome.

Photo courtesy Team RWB DMV
Photo courtesy Team RWB DMV

Yeah, I don’t have a shirt yet. As the guy crouching down explained to me, the Team just switched from New Balance to Nike for their apparel so at the moment they’re out of stock because of the recent switch. So I don’t get to wear the Eagle quite yet. But I’ve seen the Team on courses like the Army Ten Miler and Rock ‘n’ Roll USA, and though I’m just a regular citizen rather than a veteran or active duty, the team welcomes citizens and the mission is to connect veterans with their community and what better community is there than the running community? I absolutely love the mission of the organization. Taking care of our vets when they come home is something the US absolutely needs to do better at and things like this, a social support system, the therapeutic energy of running, is a holistic approach that I’m a big fan of. I’m definitely hoping to get more active and involved with the group. And get myself a shirt!

So in a nutshell, my July goals are 85 miles of running, sticking to my training plan, connect with new running friends more, and also oh no big deal get through the next four weeks of grad school before entering the home stretch to degree completion in early to mid-August.

Let’s go July!