Another week, another 7 days of preparing for Marine Corps Marathon 2014! I have to say it felt like a trying week; except for my long run, I really pushed the pace during all my runs. As for my cross-training, I didn’t exactly take it “light.”

Monday: Body Pump – I took it light on the weights since I’ve been feeling a little out of alignment in my back and it made a huge difference. My biceps especially felt this workout.

Tuesday: 3 miles speedwork with Courtney and Julie – we headed to the Gallaudet University track in Northeast DC on a sweltering hot day for 1000m repeats. I thought I was going to puke by the end of the second 1000, so instead of doing a third 1000 to meet my 3 mile requirement, I simply finished off with a 3/4 mile cooldown. We rewarded our hard work and braving the heat with slamming some Five Guys, because obviously I’m training for a marathon to lose weight. 😉

Wednesday: 3 miles steady with Team RWB on the Capitol Crescent Trail. Racing against the incoming thunderstorm and it was hot as a mothereffer.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Autism Speaks 5K for my 3 mile steady requirement – but it ended up being 3 miles hard pace.

Saturday: 7 mile long run on Rock Creek Trail. I got up late and headed out at 11:30am – thankfully it was a nice day and Rock Creek Trail was super shady for the most part. I took it easy as my legs were hurting from how hard I’d pushed at the 5K the day before. I’m starting to worry about how to hydrate on long runs without aid stations — I’m done all my water in 8 miles in this heat.

Eat my workout selfies!
Eat my workout selfies!

Sunday: Hiking 5 miles up Catoctin Mountain to end at Cunningham Falls.

The view from Hog Rock. The Rock did not look like a Hog.
The view from Hog Rock. The Rock did not look like a Hog.

Don’t get me wrong – running is still my main course – but I loved this dessert of a hike. It was definitely not an easy hike – the 1100 foot climb to the Blue Ridge Vista and then still up to Hog Rock for this view was killer on my legs. I definitely need to focus more on core and arms next week in cross-training. But this morning was absolutely heavenly weather and ending at the Falls was such a delicious treat. Gotta love the East Coast.

This week I up my Wednesday run to 4 miles while keeping the other 2 still at 3 miles, and I’ll be going to yoga again and my long run is, of course, up one to 8 miles. As for Sunday’s cross-training, who knows?! Maybe another gorgeous hike! Slash probably an ab/core workout to rest my legs.

16 weeks til Marine Corps Marathon!