3 weeks down, 15 to go! A few days ago a friend of mine commented, “how is it already week 3? I feel like you just started!” Me too, friend, me too. This week was the first week of my plan that not everything went according to my schedule, but I stuck to it as best I could and plan to cover the bit that I missed this week.

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 3 steady treadmill miles @ 10:52 pace
  • Wednesday: 4 fast miles with Team RWB @ 9:44 pace
  • Thursday: 2.63 treadmill miles @ 10:59 pace (PLANNED: 3 miles)
  • Friday: Mile and a half long walk with my roommate’s dog (PLANNED: Yoga)
  • Saturday: 8 flat, steady miles @ 11:04 pace
  • Sunday: Elliptical for 30 minutes

Monday’s rest after last weekend’s tough hike up Catoctin was very welcome to my tired legs.

Tuesday was glorious — I took the day off work to have a “me” day and catch up on a bunch of life things that had fallen by the wayside between work and grad school. So since it was kind of a humid, rainy day, I decided to go to the gym. Courtney and Julie, my usual Tuesday speedwork buds, had done their speedwork downtown before work in the morning which was not in the cards for me, so I decided to leave the speedwork for another day in the week and actually enjoy my miles. 3 steady miles on the treadmill CAN be enjoyable! I took the opportunity to test out different playlists that Spotify made for working out and “party” playlists, so having new music to run to was definitely a welcome deterrent.

image (1)Wednesday was my second run with Team RWB in Bethesda. We ran a different route than the week before and our “run club” leader, whose name is escaping me which I feel really bad about, but is training for her first half marathon and is much faster than me according to last week’s run, offered to run with me when I realized I was the slowest one there. And guys, just a reminder that Team RWB is comprised of both every day citizens, as well as active duty members and veterans. Veterans being the key word – one guy we were running with lost his leg in Afghanistan and was running on a prosthetic.

So if you’re ever doubting you can do something, if you ever say “no, I just can’t run,” just think of my new friend in Team RWB. If he can run – and run faster than me on my two blessedly in tact legs – everyone can run.

Anyway, running with a girl who is naturally faster than me but was trying to slow up to make sure I had a buddy for the whole run pushed me hard. I felt bad I was slowing her up so I didn’t slow down when I felt like I needed to. Getting back to the lululemon store which is our meeting spot, I realized I had clocked four miles at a sub-10 pace. Keep this work up and I might become a regular sub-10er for my short runs instead of my late 10’s when I run alone and no one is pushing me. 😉

Thursday was, as I described in my last post, cut short by an electrical outage at the gym during a rainstorm that prevented me from running outside. So I was about a third of a mile short of my plan for the day.

And Friday I was leaving for the beach that evening and yoga was full, so to get my cross-training in I took my roommate’s exuberant Lab out for a long (for her) walk through our hilly neighborhood.

10534205_10100355172578283_3371004832530358767_nThen there was this. 8 glorious miles on Saturday morning at Rehoboth Beach. I got up early as planned even on vacation, groaning out of the incredibly soft bed at my friend Sam’s family beach house, filled up my water bottle with my NUUN lemonade, slapped on the sunscreen, adjusted my visor, and headed out in the beach town sun. Most of my run was fairly shady, but the Rehoboth boardwalk is exactly one mile long so since I was doing an out and back route, 2 of my 8 miles were in the bright hot Rehoboth sun along the boardwalk with the other early risers out for a walk, run, or cycle. It was absolutely the way I wish I could do every run. Just look to the side and see the ocean? Life: good.

Sunday when I returned from the beach I took a brief nap after the drive back and then forced myself to the gym for my scheduled cross-training before it closed at 8. I wanted to take it easy since this upcoming week will be tough, so I went at it college Nevie style and did 30 minutes of the elliptical, a workout that in college I thought was strenuous. Oh, how times have changed.

imageSo that was that! Week 4, bring it on!

How was your week? Were you up in the gym just workin on your fitness Fergalicious?