As a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador, I was recently lucky enough to receive a sample of Batiste Dry Shampoo to try out and review. Any girl with hair has at some point probably struggled with the question of “am I washing it too often?” or even just “ugh, it’s not THAT dirty, do I have to wash/dry/style it again?!” I’d heard about the concept of dry shampoo, and baby powder and other ways to avoid a full on hair wash in a pinch, or if you’re trying to keep your color in tact, but I’d never really tried it.

So when Team RWB decided to go for lobster rolls in Bethesda after our run last week, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to try out Batiste. Who wants to sit around eating with friends with sweaty, greasy hair all up on your head? I received a sample of their new Cherry fragrance. I stuck it in my bag and headed for run club.

image (2)After cooling down from our run and guzzling some water, I checked out my reflection with my selfie setting on my camera to see just how sweaty I’d gotten. Oh yeah. Definitely glad I’d packed the Dry Shampoo. It definitely couldn’t make things worse.

You are welcome that I post such attractive shots of my self on my blog for all the world to see. I do this for YOU, reader.

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The directions on the bottle instructed me to shake well, hold the bottle about 30cm from my head, and spray into my roots. My teammates looked curiously at me as I tried to estimate about what is 30 cm, and then when I started spraying white stuff all over my head once I figured I’d guesstimated close enough. Some flakes fell onto my black capris, as I did this sitting down, so I suggest standing up and maybe even leaning forward a bit when you do it, if you don’t want white streaks on your clothes. Or maybe bring a change anyway, since your clothes are probably about as sweaty as your hair.

I was then instructed by the bottle to massage into the rest of my hair with my fingertips. As I did this, I asked a teammate if my hair was looking any drier. They replied in the affirmative, but with the qualifier, “a little bit.” I sprayed a bit more into my hair and worked it through again, and if nothing else, before I checked the after, my hair FELT drier on my hands. I ran my brush through it a couple times then checked myself out.


Okay, ignoring how sweaty my face still was, it definitely looked like it was separating less, and most importantly, what’s not pictured, is it felt drier and smelled better. Keep in mind, I used it after a VIGOROUSLY sweaty workout, and the bottle says “for between washes.” Dry shampoo does not take the place of a full regular shampoo wash, condition and blow-dry. What it does is liven things up a bit and refresh it a bit in a pinch, like if you’re going straight from run club to dinner with other people.

Would I recommend Batiste Dry Shampoo? Yes. It’s only about $8 for a bottle and definitely helps out. I’d even use it on days where I don’t work out and don’t want to overwash my hair, but I definitely am going to keep it on me at races and fun runs in case there is brunch, beers, or pizza involved after we finish up the run.

You can buy Batiste Dry Shampoo online at places like Ulta or check Batiste’s website for a list of places it’s sold in stores.

(Disclaimer: I normally try to buy cosmetics/hygiene products that are not tested on animals. Batiste’s products don’t claim to not test on animals nor are they found on my go-to resource, Leaping Bunny. I could easily be persuaded to a different dry shampoo if it passed the Leaping Bunny standards of being cruelty-free. Those are my personal values, separate the objectivity of how well the product works.)

Do you use dry shampoo? After a run or for keeping color-treated hair in tact longer?

What are your tips and tricks for freshening up between a workout and going straight to socializing?