This will be a short post as my phone is dead so my normal Wordless Wednesday post I was planning with super gorgeous pictures of “seen on my Rehoboth run” is put on hold. What I’m super excited to announce is that I’m now an official Brand Ambassador for Swirlgear



Swirlgear is a women’s fitness apparel company with some super sweet looking gear. Their look isn’t your straightforward plain tank tops and solid color capris – the word “swirl” fits. For example, my new Swirlgear top that I’m seriously considering rocking for the Vegas half in November. After all, Vegas is party central and Swirlgear’s mantra is: “You log a lot of miles out there – it’s time you get noticed.” 

Pink/Black Long Sleeve - now on sale on the website!
Pink/Black Long Sleeve – now on sale on the website!

As an added bonus, for being one of my much beloved readers, I’m giving you a little gifty-gift – when you make your purchase over at Swirlgear, use the code swirlon to get free shipping. 

So what are you waiting for! Start looking fly and celebrating your individuality while you’re out there putting the work in. Ain’t nobody says you gotta look frumpy while you work out! 

Swirl on, sisters.