Once again I’m linking up with Courtney, Cynthia, and Mar for the Friday Five! This week’s theme is five favorites, so I’ve done my best to make them running-related.

1. Favorite race outfit

From the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half Marathon this past March. I had just gotten back from the Disney Princess Half and was tutu’ed and pink stuff’d OUT. Had to rep my favorite rock ‘n’ roller at a rock ‘n’ roll race. Plus I loved the gun metal color of my Sparkle Skirt. Felt very rockstar.

762817-1058-0040s2. Favorite race

Definitely the Brooklyn Half, I think. Every race has their own special place in my heart – the first for being my first, and each one has their own flair, but Brooklyn was fun from the moment I got on the bus up to New York til the moment I stepped off it back home in Maryland. It was also the first race back from injury where I ran strong.

brooklynhalf20143. Favorite distance

The 10K. Whether a race or in training, it is just long enough to be a challenge and just short enough to amp up the speed. That middle-distance is what makes it feel like such a great workout. I run it hard, but it doesn’t run me into the ground.

queens10kshirtandbib4. Favorite song to run to

“Daydreaming” by Paramore. It’s the perfect tempo – it feels like mid-tempo but it actually gets really rolling. And the burst into the chorus always gives me a burst of energy, both in my body and in my heart.

tumblr_m74jmk6GsR1qfkbmfo1_5005. Favorite form of cross-training

Body Pump. No one is shocked.

CaptureSo there you have it! Kept it short and sweet this week because I’m a bit busy at work and TONIGHT SPEAKING OF PARAMORE IS THEIR CONCERT. Which is my ACTUAL favorite form of cross-training – getting my face melted at a rock show. HAPPY WEEKEND Y’ALL.