It has happened. I missed a workout. Started August off with skipping yoga. Was JUST declaring in my last post that I wouldn’t skip yoga this month! But it was worth it. Sometimes a girl has to be 25 and spur of the moment decide to go to happy hour downtown and not get home from “happy hour” til 10pm and then be too tired to queue up a YouTube yoga video. My plan is to go in the morning before work some time this week to make it up.

So, plan vs. actual for Week 6 of Marathon training went something like this:

Monday: Rest (check)
Tuesday: 3mi speedwork (check – 8×400 repeats @ 8:20 pace)
Wednesday: 5mi steady (4.61mi steady)
Thursday: 3 mi steady (3.39mi steady)
Friday: Yoga (–)
Saturday: 7mi long run (check)
Sunday: Open-ended cross training (check- elliptical and stationary bike for almost an hour)

My speed work was done on the treadmill on Tuesday. Julie and Courtney had to get their workouts in during the morning before work and I can’t make the trip into DC before work up in Gaithersburg, so I waited until after work and by then I was so wiped from the work day it took me until about 8pm to put my shoes on. While it’s still light out late enough to have gotten in those repeats with moving rests at 8, I sort of knew that without J & C there I probably would do fewer repeats than if I were at the gym and could listen to music while the treadmill kept me on pace. I arrived at the gym feeling kind of despondent for some reason, and left feeling strong and awesome. Gotta love those endorphins. It’s why I keep going back.

CaptureLately I’ve been fretting a bit about body image-related insecurities. I’ll go into this more a little bit in tomorrow’s post, but suffice it to say on Thursday during my run I realized it was time to stop eating like an immortal teenager again. I’ve been much more aware of what I’m putting in my body since Thursday and am already feeling better. Might be psychological but whatever it is, I’m proud of myself for exercising some self-control over food, even through Happy Hour, a house party on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday. Will power.

My long run on Saturday morning went well. I got a later start than I’d wanted because of Happy Hour going late the night before, but the morning had a breeze to it and I ran on shady, hilly Rock Creek Trail.

CaptureSometimes I have to take a moment and thank my lucky stars this is what I get to do with my Saturday morning. That this trail has been protected and not developed over, that the beautiful trees give me oxygen to breathe while I race through them, that I’m still young and unattached and had the freedom to just go run for an hour or so whenever I rolled out of bed, that I have two working legs and strong lungs and a strong, healthy heart that allow me to traverse 7 miles of this in an hour and a half. On trails lately I’ve passed people strolling along in wheelchairs or with walking canes. If/when that ever happens to me, I hope I am like them and I still get out there and drink this in, no matter how slowly I move.

Week 7, bring it.