Another month, another spreadsheet, another shortfall of goals but this time not quite as close.

As we may recall, my goals for August went like this:

1. Run 112 miles (totaled 107 – I’ll take it) ✔-ish
2. Go to yoga 5 times (went twice)
3. Do 1,550 crunches (did 300 – oops)
4. Crush the Annapolis 10 Miler
5. Complete the Dumbo Double Dare ✔

By the numbers:

august2014Here’s a thing. I didn’t go to Body Pump a single time during August. I was scheduled to go at least twice and the first time I had signed up to go, I came home to find my cat had to go to the ER, so life happens. The second time I was just plain tired and settled for some light cardio instead. But I really need to get back to strength training. I’m thinking of going Thursday straight from work before I do my 4 mile run scheduled for that day. Or perhaps run my 4 miles in the morning and get back to doing some morning running. Now that fall is imminent, mornings will be a nice time to throw on some of those long sleeve tech shirts and enjoy. If I can force myself awake.

I’m also still really bad about going to yoga, but the two times I did go, I felt so strong and good afterward. I really, really need to get over the hump of just going. The problem is that yoga is so expensive except on Fridays at my studio, and by Friday I am so tired to go straight to an hour and fifteen minute long yoga class after work. Except that it feels SO GOOD.

I also hit the 50% mark for my adjusted Run This Year goal. Yes, at the end of August, but with seriously high mileage on tap for September and October, I have some ground I’ll be making up for. Again, like I’ve said before, I set the bar high. I’m already 100 miles over what I ran in the entirety of 2013. I’m incredibly proud of myself. With injuries and a marathon goal that had me starting out with easing into the mileage, I have to accept the fact that I may not hit the mark. But when MCM is over and I have no definitive plan for November or December, having Run This Year on the mind will be a major motivator to not slack off.

I’d still say the thing I am by far the most proud of that happened this August was PR-ing like crazy at the Annapolis 10-Miler. A 1:41 10-miler time was something I only dreamed of when I was preparing for the Army Ten Miler this time last year. This time last year I was hoping and praying just to finish, with a pipe dream of finishing under 2 hours. It is amazing how progress makes you feel. Gunning for that sub 1:40 up next, man.

Triumphant eagle.

So here’s what I have to make up according to my OCD and my training plan:

Running: 1 mile (I know, I know)
Body Pump: 2 classes
Yoga: 4 classes
Crunches: Thousands. Literally.
Planks: Hours. Um.

As for the literal recap of the past week, it was wonky. On top of that, my little Fitsnap addiction is put on hold until my replacement phone comes in the mail tomorrow (long story– Disneyland stole my phone). I’ll also have race recaps for the Disneyland 10K and the Disneyland Half Marathon, though be forewarned, my phone’s life was stolen from me before the half began so I either have to pony up some cash (that I don’t have because I just spent it on a new phone) for MarathonFoto pictures or will just have to illustrate the day for you with words. Or just post some snapshots of MarathonFoto proofs with watermarks all over them.


Preview of the Disneyland Half Marathon 2014

Just a preview. Dumbo Double Dare was a blast and I have many thoughts on the experience.

Here are my September goals:

1. Run 134 miles
2. Do 1500 crunches
3. Successfully complete my 16 and 18 mile long runs per my MCM training plan
5. Go to Yoga at least 4 times and try not to break the bank doing so (get creative with finding donation-based or free yoga)
6. Go to Body Pump 4 times (free through my gym membership)
7. Maaaaybe set a half marathon PR at the Women’s Running Nashville Half at the end of the month?
8. Don’t lose/break my phone.
9. Live to see age 26 aka my birthday is a week from today!!!

What are you most proud of from this past August?

What is your biggest goal for this upcoming September?

Are you still on track for your Run This Year goal?