Well, to be honest the Friday Five ladies – Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia – left this one kind of open-ended. So for the Halloween edition of the Friday Five, since Halloween is all about dressing up and having fun with it, I’m going to be recounting my five favorite “looks” for races I’ve done. Whether truly in costume as a character or just jazzing up my outfit, these are my favorite outfits I’ve worn for a race.

1. runDisney Princess Half Marathon 2014 – Rapunzel!

10478234_337745879711448_5550237977903571579_nIf any of y’all follow me on Facebook you may recognize this look. My tutu came from RaceJunkie, who does a darn good job of catering to the runDisney crowd. I paired with Rapunzel from Tangled’s signature purple and pink to match, but instead of wearing a sparkly tiara I went with something a little more Florida-functional – a pink Headsweats visor. My favorite part of the tutu is the pretty pink satin bow (not seen here) that trailed down the tutu. This was race #2 of Glass Slipper Challenge weekend and my third half marathon – it was a blast!

2. Monster Mask 5K – Peter Pan

imageI signed up for this race at midnight the night before it happened, after buying the felt and the feather for the hat at a craft store and the lime green long sleeve at Target late that Saturday night. My dog’s name was Monster and his birthday, we were told, was October 26 (incidentally, the same date as Sunday’s Marine Corps Marathon), so all the Monster-named races that happen in October always make me want to run for him. I started running after he passed away, after whenever we would play together I’d gleefully announce he would “never grow up” and be a puppy forever, like Peter Pan. Unfortunately, the kind of “never growing up” he did was the really devastating kind. So I ran this race as the Peter Pan in Neverland he’ll always be in my heart. (It was my first 5K that I ran under 31 minutes.)

3. Nike Women’s Half Marathon 2014 – just plain cute

Race outfit
Race outfit

Just like sometimes you have a killer Halloween costume but the party you go to blows, sometimes you look AWESOME on race day and the race itself blows. Nike Women’s DC in 2014 was pretty rough for me, but guys, look how cute my #flatrunner was. Shoutout to RunningSkirts for the killer rainbow chevron sleeves and I think the skirt was Rock City Skirts if not Team Sparkle… sorry I don’t remember!

4. runDisney Disneyland 10K 2014 – White Rabbit


So cute right?! I have a deep, deep love for all things Alice in Wonderland. This was such an easy 10K outfit to throw together – I wouldn’t have risked the ears on a longer distance, they kept slipping off a little. (They’re from an Etsy shop meant for children’s Halloween costumes….) Skirt was Team Sparkle and tank top, of course, was Raw Threads. And yes, a race announcer did cry “you’re late, White Rabbit!” as I ran by her podium near Sleeping Beauty’s castle during the race.

5. Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half Marathon – Johnny Cash fan

Half-marathoner x4.

Hands down my favorite thing I’ve ever worn for a race was my gunmetal sparkle skirt with my “What Would Johnny Cash Do?” t-shirt over a long-sleeve tech tee. And of course, a black sparkly SweatyBand. I’d just come back from Disney and was oversaturated with everything pink and princess, so I totally embraced the Rock ‘n’ Roll name and honored one of my favorite musicians of all time. Even my nails were painted gunmetal! I got a lot of compliments on my shirt and every MarathonFoto photographer wanted to snap a pic of me as I ran by during this race.

So there you go! Don’t forget to visit our hostess’s posts for their Halloween editions of the Friday Five, and tell me about how or whether you like to dress up for race day! And if you post your own Halloween Friday Five, make sure to link up. 🙂