After the Marine Corps Marathon a couple of weeks ago, I took a few days to let my muscles settle down and then assess how the rest of my body felt underneath the muscle fatigue. I took stock in this post and mentioned that my left foot and left knee were feeling kinda funky. I’d hoped it would go away with some time and a reacclimatization 5K, but unfortunately, it did not.

Today I went to a physiology doctor that works with acupuncture and injury rehabilitation (he has physical therapy as part of his practice, situated in – conveniently – “Medical Center,” but a host of other abilities too) to get what I hoped would be X-rays and some answers. I couldn’t even do my physical therapy exercises Hiza taught me leading up to MCM because I couldn’t ground my foot into the floor for balance without it hurting, and my knee is too weak to draw from those muscles. So I went to this doctor, he checked out all my ailing spots, and told me that although he could not do X-rays (oops should have checked on that before making the appointment), he was 99% certain I didn’t have a break in my foot because it would probably be way more swollen than it is. It’s swollen, but not fracture swollen.

Tendonitis swollen, in fact.

Hurts right where it points to both tibial tendons.
Hurts right where it points to both tibial tendons.

And the clicking in my knee? Also points to tendonitis there, too. Runner’s knee.

Compensating for an injury on one side leads to a whole mess of problems, y’all.

Doctor’s orders? No running for 3 weeks, prescription-strength anti-inflammatory medicine (yayyy drugs!), and PT twice a week.

I have to admit, I’m a little relieved.


Yes, okay, I am BLOWN that I can’t do the 10K race I had planned this weekend and that even if I feel better by next weekend, I’ll be in big trouble with the doc and with you all since I’m posting here for accountability if I do run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegas Half.

But things could be worse. I wanted to do the marathon. I knew in my heart that if I got to do nothing else I wanted to do the Marine Corps Marathon this year. I got to do it. And between MCM and Veteran’s Day, I’ve had a lot to remind me that I’ve got a lot to be thankful for that I can even walk and that this is just a temporary injury.

And Vegas? It’s an expensive trip but the only thing I’m losing money on is the race entry, which I got on a super good National Running Day deal so it’s not like a $150 race entry fee, it was more like $65. I’m still going on the trip.

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 9.48.23 PM

My grandparents live in Las Vegas. I was going to visit them this fall anyway, and I only chose next weekend because I figured why not do the Vegas half if I was going to go to Vegas. I’m still going to the race Expo, to cheer along the course, to the Macklemore finish line concert, and most importantly, to see my grandparents, who I haven’t seen in several years (the whole, you know, they live across the country from me thing).

So it’s lame timing, but it could be worse. It could be a fracture (which I will make sure to confirm it is not on Monday when I get an X-ray at a walk-in clinic), in which case I’d be laid up in a boot for like six weeks. There are a lot of things I can’t do, cardio-wise, when it’s my foot AND my knee going clickety-clickety (I actually think too much recumbent bike might have exacerbated tendonitis that already started in my knee – I could feel the clickety-clickety even before the marathon but thought it was just my knee working out kinks).

But the doctor cleared me for swimming and Pilates.

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 9.49.33 PM

Doc found that my hip has healed up enough (thank you Hiza!) that as long as I also do my core strength work (ergo, Pilates), the fluidity of swimming won’t make me all loosey-goosey, part of what caused by bursitis. And also that it’s healed up enough that harder core work like Pilates is a go, where when I first went to Hiza I was only going for the gentlest of exercises.

So yeah, I’m relieved. What I wanted was a concrete plan, and now I have it. Tomorrow morning I’m going to a free open house at a Pilates studio near my house for a half hour class. Sunday I’ll go swimming. Monday I’ll take advantage of a “first class free” pass at another Pilates studio and see which one I like better. Tuesday and Wednesday I have PT with the doc. Thursday I fly out to Vegas where I have access to a pool the whole time. When I get back, more PT with the doc and more Pilates and swimming.

For now I’m choosing to believe in three weeks I’ll be good to start running short distances again. That will give me a little over 8 weeks to build up my mileage slowly before Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans half at the end of January.

And this time, I won’t be skipping out on my motherfreaking strength training.

Have you ever planned a racecation and then been injured for the actual race part?