While I’ve made enough New Year’s resolutions and monthly challenge goals in my life to know that many lose steam after a bit, some do stick (like my 2013 resolution to start running a mile a day when before I would fake injuries to get out of gym class… yeah, that one stuck). I’ve also made peace with the fact that some don’t, but it’s better to have started trying than to never have tried at all. Truth is you can start working toward a goal or resolution any day of the year, but after the glow of Christmas fades and the mess of wrapping paper has been cleared away and all you’re looking at are bleak weather reports for the next 3 months, it does feel kind of good to make a list of things to give you a reason to get out of bed in the mornings.

This weekend's to-do list
This weekend’s to-do list

Saturday it was especially helpful that I made a to-do list Friday night. I used to be addicted to to-do list, and since I’ve made them less and less often, going more by memory than writing, I’ve felt more and more disorganized. I don’t think I’ve actually been any less organized where it counts, but I certainly could be more productive. I’ve been sleeping way too much in my free time and I don’t like that. So I’m back to making daily, weekly, and monthly goal lists. And other kinds of lists! Movies to get my hands on to watch, books to make priority, random questions about the world I want to look up, things I want to save money for.

It looked like this outside Saturday:


One of those days where it feels like the cold and the rain seeps in from outside and you can’t get warm. All I wanted to do was watch The Wizard of Oz and drink hot cocoa.

So having a list of reasons to get out from under my covers was helpful. Of course, it also made for the car wash and the 10K run way less likely to get done until later in the weekend.

I also like the idea of making a list of things I got done. Instead of feeling like a failure because I didn’t cross everything off, I take a fresh sheet of paper and just write down the things I did get done. Much better for my self-esteem.

So on that note, here’s what I got done in the way of Training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Half Marathon this week!

  • Sunday 12/28 – 5 miles outside
  • Monday 12/29 – 1 hour of Body Pump
  • Tuesday 12/30 – Rest
  • Wednesday 12/31 – Rest
  • Thursday 1/1 – 3.1 miles (New Year’s Day 5K)
  • Friday 1/2 – Rest
  • Saturday 1/3 – 6.2 miles on treadmill
  • Sunday 1/4 – 1 hour of Body Pump

I am also starting back up my attempt to Plank-a-Day, starting with 30 seconds per day. So far I’m 4/4.

This upcoming week I’m traveling to Texas for work and I’m so excited! I can’t say much on my blog, but I will at least say if nothing else I am already getting to see and explore two new places I’ve never been just this January – New Orleans and, this week, east Texas. I am so amped about the possibilities and opportunities coming my way and am just hoping to turn them into big, big things.

Image of Texas Hill Country courtesy Country Magazine
Image of Texas Hill Country courtesy Country Magazine

This week, however, is supposed to be the official start of my training for the Country Music Marathon, with RNR NOLA as part of that training, and I’m not staying in a hotel with a gym during my travel. I’m not quite sure how or if I will be able to run while I’m in Texas from Tuesday to Thursday, but I do know that once I get back, things could get crazy and I just need to make sure I make strength-training a priority through this whole process. Life may change like crazy, but I have wanted to #RunCMM since I learned of its existence in 2013 and that consistency is what will keep me sane.

I say this because the craziness that could be the rest of January means I’m not sure what my weekday training will look like so I’m not making a set schedule for them until at least February. All I know is next weekend I plan for my long run to be 8 miles, then 10 miles, and then 13.1 the weekend of the 25th, for RNR NOLA. As long as I’m doing my hip exercises, which I can do at home, in the mean time, and get my long runs in, it won’t be the fastest half-marathon but it’ll be stronger than Vegas was.

So on that note, wish me luck in Texas this week! I’m packing my running shoes just in case. 😉