One reason I keep this blog is for days exactly like the one I had this past Wednesday when I wrote this post. I hadn’t trained at all the previous week and was finding it really hard to create some momentum to get training again, with a half marathon just a week ago. As Courtney commented on that post, “you know you can run a half marathon.” While that’s true, and I wasn’t panicking about the race itself so much as I was about where my motivation had gone, I didn’t want NOLA to be a painful experience.

I haven’t run a half marathon in the 2:2X range since August, and my half marathon PR of 2:18 has now stood for over a year. RNR NOLA will be my 10th half marathon and my realistic goal for it is to be somewhere in the 2:3X range, which to me feels like an uber slow goal for a flat course but I just haven’t been able to run long as I’ve been building my base back up since injury. By the end of 2015 I’d like a new half marathon PR.


But first thing’s first. My friend Ali is running RNR NOLA with me as her second half marathon, and our goal is to go 2:3X based on both of our recent training. It will be a victory for both of us. I think that with race day adrenaline, I can definitely do it, but I know there will be times I want to go out too fast and have to remember to pace Ali, and there will be times I want to stop and Ali will be the one pushing me. I’ve never stuck with a person for a whole half-marathon before, so it will be a fun and interesting experience. If nothing else, we will be in New Orleans! And that’s what a destination race is all about for me. It’s not a “goal race.” I chose it for the fun location, a city I’ve never been to before, to make sure I started getting my long runs in as I gear up to start really focusing on training for the Country Music Marathon in April.


So we’ll do it. And we’ll have fun. And then we will eat a lot of beignets.

So how’d I do after getting all my worries and frustrations about hitting a motivation all out in that post last week?

The Week In Training: 1/12 to 1/18
Monday 1/12: 1 hour of Body Pump
Tuesday 1/13: Rest
Wednesday 1/14: Rest
Thursday 1/15: 4 miles on the treadmill
Friday: 1/16: 4 miles outside (hills)
Saturday 1/17: Rest and foam-rolling
Sunday 1/18: 7 miles outside (hills)

Screen shot 2015-01-19 at 1.06.56 PM

Not SO bad. I definitely wanted to go for at least 8 yesterday for my final long run before the half marathon, but the hills and the cold were killing me. It was very slow. But NOLA is a flat course, and when I ran Charleston last January after training all winter in the cold and hills, I zoomed through it and set my PR. So maybe the same magic will happen in NOLA and it’ll feel a lot easier than trying to go for 8-10 did last night in my hilly community.

Tonight I’m going to Body Pump and I am planning to do two short runs this week before the race on Sunday. All training talk aside, I am SO EXCITED for this trip to New Orleans. We are staying in a super swanky hotel, I am wearing a black and silver tutu (gotta keep it rock ‘n’ roll even if I’m donning a tutu), it’s a Run Rock ‘n’ Roll Race, Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue are playing the finish line, we have an extra night in NOLA post-race to listen to music and drink Hurricanes and eat delicious Cajun food and more beignets than I plan to count.

Creole-Italian surf-n-turf. Get in my belly.
Creole-Italian surf-n-turf. Get in my belly.

I’m planning to do a post on just the race and a separate post on enjoying New Orleans, because racecation.

How did your week in training go? Did you race this weekend? Are you racing next weekend?