Lately I haven’t been making much of an effort to leave my apartment after getting home from work. I am learning so much so quickly at work that by the end of the day, my brain is so busy and tired from racing with all the things I’m learning and thinking about and processing, that all I want to do is zone out on my couch.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t gotten a few good workouts in. The Austin 10/20 was horrible, but I shook it off and reset. I went back to Barre at Barre Code in Dallas for a second class, have done several short runs, whether on treadmill or at the park near my apartment, and tried a new yoga studio down the street from my house.

Screen shot 2015-04-13 at 2.02.50 AMI’ve had Mondays off recently and I don’t think I mind it so far. The above run I did in the middle of the day on a Monday and even though it got really hot really fast (#texasproblems) I felt great after chugging water after my run.

The yoga studio I tried, which I meant to do a “class review” post of like my Barre Code post, was definitely unlike any yoga studio at home, but it still felt really good. I’m a lot weaker than I was around the end of 2013 beginning of 2014, when I was doing yoga and body pump weekly. And the instructor was no Buddhist “accept your body and love it” soothingly speaking yoga instructor. She had a thick Southern accent and she cracked the whip, saying things like “modify if you are nursing a wound or an injury, but not just because you’re wimping out.” It also secretly cracked me up when she told us “relax yer spaaahn” after we did a few cat-cows. Yoga in east Texas is apparently a little different than yoga in the DC area. But I’ll definitely be back, as drop-in classes are reasonably priced and it’s so close to my apartment. Plus, the other girls in the class I took were really friendly and fun to chat with before class started, so a nice class environment is always a plus.

On that note, I have an announcement.


I signed up for ClassPass in Dallas.

I have been debating this since I found out I was moving to Texas. Dallas is two hours from my apartment, but it has so much more to offer in the way of appealing fitness opportunities than Tyler does. I’ve dug up a few more group fitness classes in Tyler I hadn’t previously known about since discovering Barre Code in Dallas, but in researching them have found that the class environments just aren’t what I need.

So when I saw ClassPass was offering its first month for $49, I started considering the option a little more heavily. If I’m going to try to go to Barre Code once a week anyway, drop-ins for which are $20, the ClassPass essentially pays for itself. And if I decide to go to Dallas on a Monday I’m off for perusing around Deep Ellum art galleries or nerding out at the Perot Science Museum, might as well drop in and take a yoga class or try out CrossFit while I’m there. Or if I’m dropping a friend off at the airport, there I am, maybe I’ll drop in at a nearby kickboxing club and give it a whirl on my Pass.

Image credit ClassPass
Image credit ClassPass

Then there’s running.

Today I felt really strong during my short treadmill run. My last few runs I’ve struggled with some stomach issues and my left shins and calves tensing up way more than my right, but I think the combination of recent yoga, a refreshed new playlist, and a focused mind made for a more relaxed body and better running form today and I ran a 10:32 pace.

Screen shot 2015-04-13 at 2.11.23 AMMy main issue has been long runs lately. I’ve been avoiding them while I do barre and yoga to try and strengthen my core and leg muscles up again so long runs stop making my lower back collapse and ache. Plus, it’s really hard to find a spot around here to do a run longer than 4 miles without retracing all my steps 6 times. If you live in a place with spacious bike lanes, lots of sidewalks, and long jogging trails, take a moment to be grateful. East Texas’s infrastructure is not so runner- or biker-friendly.

On that note, I have another announcement.


I signed up to run the Louisiana Marathon in January 2016.

Previously I had signed up to run the Country Music Marathon as my second marathon attempt, but I dropped down to the half after injury rehab and the whole adjustment to the move made it impossible to train properly for a full marathon – really it’s made it very difficult to train properly for a half marathon.

But as I’m settling in, I’m seeing people who do get up at 5am and carve out places to get their long runs in on Friday, Saturday, Sunday mornings. Popular fall races are pretty out of the question because of the nature of my job on weekends especially in spring and fall, but January gives me enough time to plan to be in Baton Rouge for a weekend and enough time to identify how runners around here do get their long runs in before my training plan starts at the end of September.

Downtown Baton Rouge

I’m nervous. I’m not as confident about this as I was when I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon. Crossing the finish line of my first marathon was an amazing experience, but the whole journey to get there was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through in my life, much harder than any half marathon I’ve trained for. (MORE than just twice as hard.)

But I’m determined to redeem my marathon experience. Whether or not I run the Louisiana Marathon any faster than I finished MCM, my only goal for the whole training cycle is to remain injury-free.

Might I get injured anyway? It’s possible. I’m going to take everything I’ve learned over the past year in training for, completing, and recovering from my first marathon and do my best to prevent injury. But it’s possible my body is just not cut out for distances over 14 miles, and if marathon #2 is as injury-riddled as the first, I will accept that while I am a marathoner and no one can take that away from me, it will be healthier and safer for me to stick to shorter distances.

So we’ll see.