Monday: 30 minutes of lower ab strength exercises
Tuesday: 3 mile treadmill run at 10:37/mile
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 3 mile tempo run at 10:31 pace (no walk breaks!)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 15 minutes of weights + 3 mile easy pace at 11:21/mi
Sunday: 6 mile long run at 11:26/mi


I’m happy with it! Wednesday was supposed to be the tempo run and I was supposed to do another 3 mile run at race pace (shooting for 10:XX pace for the race in July) but a busy week at work got the best of me and I listened to my body for an extra rest day.

All of my runs this week were in the gym on the treadmill, mainly because of the weather but also because the gym feels like my safe place. It’s hard to explain: the best I can say is that I’ve only run one park trail since moving here and the best it can do is a 4 mile loop and I’m tired of it. Ironically I’m not tired of staring at the window on the treadmill; I guess I just feel safer contained in the gym.

It also reminds me of my first week in Texas when the hot water in my apartment didn’t work so I had to go to the gym to get a hot shower and it was like the one place I could count on that would be clean and having working plumbing. So. That’s a comforting reminder.

My long run yesterday was tough on the treadmill because my legs were tired from the weights plus run the day before, but I’m oddly obsessed with “One Last Time” by Ariana Grande and “Something in the Water” by Carrie Underwood so I may or may not have put them on repeat several times to get me through a tough 4th mile and final mile.


My goal in the next two weeks is to finally get up the courage to run with the local Striders group some morning or evening.

This week I’m planning to go to Barre, I up one of the 3 mile runs to a 3.5 mile run, and I do 400 repeats Wednesday night! So excited to do some speedwork. I’m also supposed to do a 5K race this Sunday but beggars can’t be choosers in this part of the country so I found a 5K race for Saturday morning – it benefits the SPCA of Texas so you know I’m all about that. Then I get to rest Friday and Sunday. I’m okay with it!

How was your week of training? Are you training for a race or just staying in shape? What was your longest run?