Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Speed work – 6×400’s at 8:20 pace
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Barre at Pure Barre in Dallas
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest (well, I went on a 1 mile walk with a dog)
Sunday: 6.5 mile long run at 11:27/mi

An adorable #flatrunner I didn’t wear

Life threw a lot at me this week but my training plan did what I intended it to – made me work out more than I would have had it not been for the goal.

Between a tornado that ripped through town Sunday night into Monday morning, hosting visitors at work which means staying late after work, to flash-fostering a crazy Lab puppy, a lot got in the way to wear me out this week. I was supposed to, instead of a 6.5 mile long run, race a 5K and do a separate 3.5 mile run, as well as another 3 mile + strength day like last week, but after said Lab pup kept me up all night the night before the 5K, I skipped it, we went on a hot and humid walk that wore both the dog and me out, and I combined the 3 miler and the 3.5 miler for Sunday’s long run.

I’m not beating myself up about 1.5 missed workouts. Time is a luxury that I just didn’t have this week. I will say, though, that I was having a particularly rough day Friday, and while Saturday was a little better, I really didn’t feel truly happy and optimistic again until I finished my Sunday run.

Running is a constant for me, what keeps me sane when everything else feels upended.


This week I’m supposed to workout every day except for Friday, but I’m going to a concert in Dallas tomorrow night. I’m also heading down to Nacogdoches, which is a town about an hour and a half south of me, for a concert Saturday night, and I will likely just stay overnight in Lufkin (about 25 minutes away) and find a place to run my 7-miler for Sunday down there.

I have to say I’ve been a little self-conscious about weight lately. Just keeping it real. I try not to worry about my weight too much but I’ve definitely gained some to the point where my favorite outfits don’t fit so cutely anymore. The main problem is the junk I eat, because you can’t outrun a poor diet. But I try to just tell myself I’m at least exercising and would be gaining much more if I wasn’t. I’m trying not to obsess over it and just adjusting my snacks to be less sweet treats and more fruits and veggies, and stay confident that as long as I don’t pig out, I’ll be fine.

Eat-to-fuel-your-body-and-provide-it-with-the-nutrients-it-needs-to-perform-Food-shouldnt-be-seen-asI’m an emotional eater. I just need to keep reminding myself food is fuel, not therapy, and when I want to reach for that donut, think about how I want to nourish my body – with junk or with the good stuff? Reach for a banana instead. I started running to take better care of my body; food shouldn’t be an exception to that.

So! Tonight I’m hitting yoga, and tomorrow night my goal is to try to get home from the concert early enough to get a good night’s sleep so I don’t want to miss Wednesday’s tempo run. I felt like a champion after my first tempo run in Week 1 of #RNRCHI training, so upping it 5 minutes longer will hopefully have the same effect.

What was your favorite workout you did last week?