Oops, I missed all of last week blogging! Hoping to blog at least for a few linkups this week! For now, here’s a quick summary of this past week’s training for Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon.

Monday: Rest (after the day before’s 7 mile long run)
Tuesday: 4 miles @ 10:47 pace
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 3.02 miles @ 10:55 pace
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 2 miles @ 10:36 pace
Sunday: 8 miles @ 11:16 pace

I got 3 new pairs of PROCompression and I read a lot this week too.
I got 3 new pairs of PROCompression and I read a lot this week too.

My lack of cross-training this week really made itself known about 4 miles into yesterday’s long run. My left hip and left knee started to feel kind of tweaky and I thought about cutting it short so as not to encourage an injury. After a short walk break I found a steadier pace – the faster I went the less it hurt, so I kicked it up a little for some 9 minute run intervals with 2-3 minute walk breaks. I wanted to get my miles in but tried not to worry too much about time; what mattered most was being pain-free.

I did decide, though, based on that run, to really focus on core strength. All those mini-glute muscles that gave me trouble during MCM training, even a week skipping cross-training and they start to act up.

So tonight I’m hitting yoga, and any night I can’t make it to a yoga or ab-core class I’ll try to do at least 15 minutes of mat exercises at home.

Which should be fun considering I adopted a dog this weekend!

Meet Gypsy Rose!
Meet Gypsy Rose!

I hadn’t planned on adopting a dog for at least a few more months, but when I met Gypsy Rose by chance last weekend I knew we were meant for each other. Just one of those things, you know? When you know you know. I am also generally NOT a “little dog” person but a good dog is a good dog. And she is sweet and as far as dachshunds go, pretty damn easygoing! (I suspect, based on her coloring and her super weirdly long foxish tail, she has like a great-grandparent that’s like a corgi or a heeler or something.) We are still working a little on housetraining, but she loves everyone – people, dogs, cats, children.

I’m lucky I can bring her to work with me. She has plenty of energy but not an 8 mile long run in 90 degree heat type of energy! So she spends all day with me and if I need to go out in the evenings for an hour or so she settles into her crate like a little nesting den.

So wish us luck this week! Getting my butt to the studio for strength-training is always my downfall ever since I lost access to Les Mills Body Pump classes, so proactive vibes are welcomed!

Do you have trouble finding motivation to cross-train? How do you snap into it?