Quick little blog before Thursday is up!

So in my last post I talked about how my last long run reminded me of the importance of strength-training. I’ve lamented before about how much I miss Body Pump from back when I lived in Maryland and every gym within a 30 mile radius had a Body Pump class.


I joined Anytime Fitness when I came to Texas, because it was cheap and open 24 hours, which has definitely proved to be helpful. I love to run at night, when my thoughts race the most. Sometimes they race in a really productive, creative way; other times they race in a really anxious, nervewracking way, and my favorite way to fix that is to go for a run.

Unfortunately, my neighborhood in east Texas does not have many contiguous sidewalks or bike lanes. There are some nearby neighborhoods that do, but I don’t live in them so I don’t feel comfortable running in them by myself at night. If I lived in it and knew the neighbors it might be a different story, but alas. Anytime Fitness allows me to run on the treadmill as long as I want whenever I want, because it’s never crowded and open any time.

However, it’s lacking in strength training classes. One of the locations has an awesome cross-training program – for an extra $85 a month. Um, no thank you. The other location I go to has just two yoga classes, both at 5:30pm, a tight squeeze for me to make it to from work.

There is one yoga studio with drop-in classes, but other than that, everything else I can find would entail an extra gym membership.

So what’s a girl working for a non-profit living on her own to do?

11401076_10100578520028203_2379684914679055127_nHome gym!

I went to Walmart and bought a 5′ weight lifting bar for like $30. I brought it home, tried to put it together, and found that the iron had literally been soldered wrong and the pieces could not fit together. After much cursing and trying to force it, to which my dog and cat responded by skeptical looks and going back to sleep, I decided to take it back to Walmart. Keep in mind, all the pieces had been taken out of their plastic, one of the pieces I recently found still sitting in my car, and the whole thing couldn’t be closed back into the box it came in.

But they took it back anyway.

Having read a bunch of reviews of the product, I was hesitantly sold on the fact that I had just gotten a bad individual item but that the product itself was “easy to put together.” So I tried again, and voila! The three pieces fit like a glove and I could get to work right away!

I also bought an HD port adapter to play my computer on my TV screen and boom! I could queue up Les Mills Body Pump tracks straight from YouTube like the instructor was right in my living room!

Image credit: Winston-Salem Athletic Club I cannot put this much weight on my bar for an entire Body Pump workout – yet.

I wish Les Mills sold the DVD’s of the tracks themselves, but hey, for now it’s free, albeit fuzzy and the music not loud enough for my taste. I got in a KILLER Body Pump workout earlier this week, for which I’m STILL sore. I can’t wait to do another one tomorrow night – I love that sore feeling, knowing it means my muscle is rebuilding stronger.

I would love for Tyler, TX to have its own November Project group or Team RWB, but lord knows I do not have the time to be the group leader for it so until someone else takes it on, I’ll have to settle for squatting and sweating in the privacy of my own living room.

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