Solid week of training in the books for Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon. Yes, my friend Ali roped me into running a half marathon this spring even though I’d planned to just focus on the 10K distance. And I do have a 10K coming up this weekend, which meant I had to get my final long run in for #RNRDC in this weekend.

And by final I mean, second. Third if you count the mid-week long run to make up for last week’s rainout halfway through.

Monday: 3 miles outside
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Rest (major thunderstorms – I didn’t leave my house)
Thursday: 7.5 miles outside
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 10 miles outside
Sunday: 2 mile walk

My pup and me enjoying Sunday’s weather during our walk!

Okay, so I said solid, only because I felt good about getting those 7-10 mile runs in. I didn’t do any strength training or speedwork, which is no bueno, but I am now back to working full time so I can work on setting a routine. #RNRDC may not be the best half marathon I’ve ever run, but a few solid outdoor long runs and some decent hills since being back on the east coast and I think I’ll be in better shape than I was for some of last year’s worst halfs, so I’m not freaking out.

Thursday, the aforementioned Ali and I met up to run 7.5 together. You may remember Ali from RNR NOLA. Our goal for DC is, since it’s a tougher course than NOLA, somewhere between 2:27 (our NOLA time) and 2:40. We had intended to go for our run together on Wednesday, but when the downpours came we uh, we decided to push it a day.

When we did meet up Thursday, though, it was windy as all heck and it was definitely one of those runs where the hardest part was just starting to put one foot in front of the other. We huddled in my car preparing water and NUUN, rearranging our ponytails, complaining about the cold, until we finally bit the bullet and walked down to the trailhead.


I warmed up quick and was so glad to have Ali there. While I’m good about getting going, Ali is better as “we’ve started, we might as well finish it and finish strong.” I definitely would have run a bit slower or walked more toward the end of our run if it hadn’t been for Ali. Plus, I don’t know how she does it but she’s really good at being able to talk while running so she told me a long story that really made the miles feel like they were going by a lot faster than normal. Overall we held about an 11:26 pace which is on target for our #RNRDC goal.

The best part? The Capital Crescent Trail’s entry into Bethesda is right in front of the giant 3-story Barnes & Noble, so Ali and I wandered around warming up with hot chocolates after our run. The dream.

I got my weather forecasts mixed up this weekend and thought it was supposed to be in the 60’s on Saturday, so I jauntily set out for the same trail Saturday morning and discovered that my simple long-sleeve base layer had the wind cutting right through me. I stalled for a half an hour hoping it would warm up a few degrees but somehow, while stalling in that same bookstore, got energized by all the books I wanted to read and decided I wanted to get my run done sooner rather than later so I could spend the rest of the day reading!

Where do you think this blog got its name?

So somehow I got energized and headed out for 10 miles alone. I was supposed to meet my new running buddy from last weekend, but she had to cancel so I had to rally alone. However, being a solo runner the majority of the time, this was only hard because my last two runs longer than 5 miles had been accompanied by chatter from a running buddy and these 10 miles were just me and my Spotify playlist.

It was nice though. I positive split the hell out of those 10 miles, but the first 5 miles were lovely. Another fun thing about the Capital Crescent Trail (aside from the seclusion from cars, the length to get in a long run, and the opening in front of a bookstore) is you literally get to cross the border from Maryland into DC, which makes you feel more impressive than you actually are.


It’s actually only like 3 miles from the trail head in Bethesda so like I said, feels more impressive than it is.

Anyway like I said, I positive split this run something fierce. The first five miles were a 10:30 average, if this gives you any indication.


Definitely the result of poor core training, so as soon as I have the money I’m putting Barre into my weekly routine, maybe twice a week if I can swing it time-wise. My commute takes a lot of time out of my day unfortunately.

Anywho, that’s where I’m at! 20.5 miles for the week. February total mileage is way lower than I wanted it to be but I have a good feeling about March.

How was your week? Did you get in any extra miles on Leap Day?