Hello friends! Happy Monday. Perhaps an oxymoron, but for me, other than the groan of having to get up early again and face traffic, I don’t terribly mind Mondays. Another chance to start fresh.

And with starting fresh in mind, I’m laying out my plan for spring. (PS: Happy Spring! It snowed here yesterday.) Again, my major goal for Spring is to PR my 10K, but in 2014 I specifically trained for a marathon and it made me faster at every distance along the way, so I’m hoping by training for a half marathon, my 10K time will naturally get better.

My friend Abbie is coming to visit Maryland and DC for the first time ever in May and we’re going to run the St. Michael’s Half Marathon on Saturday, May 21. It’s a flat course and I’m hoping to see a sub-2:25 that day, maybe lower depending on how the following plan goes.

I’m really excited to run this race, as the last 8 or 9 half marathons I’ve run have all been either Rock ‘n’ Roll or Disney. Boo! Too many gigantic expensive races. Don’t get me wrong, they’re a lot of fun. But I’m excited to get back to basics. St. Michael’s looks like a small field in a beautiful little seaside setting (remember my last post where I said my favorite place to run is anywhere near the water?).

St. Michael’s, MD

So here’s my plan for making this day a great one:

Mondays: Strength training

Caveat: Except for today, because I did it yesterday. More on that in another post.

Tuesdays: Speedwork.

In reality this is “fun run with the Shirlington Runner’s Club after work” but there is a pack of speedsters that force me to really push it on the 5K route we go on. So it turns into a speed workout because I’m trying to keep up. I’ve gone twice now and have kept a low 10’s pace which is a huge improvement for me just since the beginning of the year. I’m hoping to see some high 9’s soon.

Wednesday: Easy weights and/or short run

My brother explained if I was just lifting weights, I’d do Monday/Wednesday/Friday but take it easy on Wednesday anyway. I tried to run after our session on Sunday and couldn’t lift my legs off the ground, so even though I’ve heard you’re supposed to run after lifting, I might um, I might get that out of the way before my legs are dead.

Thursday: Easy paced short run

3-4 miles, either after work with a fun run group, or on Mt. Vernon Trail waiting out rush hour, or later in the evening at home.

Friday: Strength training

I happen to love being in the gym on Friday nights.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Long run

All of this is subject to change based on how weight-lifting with my brother continues to go. I hope that at least we can make it through this week without him having to cancel because I definitely don’t have it down yet, the forms and reps and sets and progressions I’m supposed to do. But if I feel like I do today after every strength session, I’m not sure how much running is going to be able to happen so may have to dial it back. I’m not looking to become a bodybuilding competitor, I just want to tone my arms up and strengthen my core so I don’t get injured as I ramp up my long runs.


Ugh. Boromir is not kidding y’all.

More on that another day! Happy Monday! How did your long run go this weekend?