Hard to believe a week has already gone by, and only 10 to go until Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Marathon weekend. At this point, I’m feeling like it’s going to be a pretty heinously slow half marathon for me. With my weight gain, it’s just more body to push forward and it’s been frustrating to see (and feel) my pace. But all progress has to start somewhere, and were I not training for this, nothing would exactly be getting any better.

My training plan is pretty basic and beginner because I knew, even though I’ve run 16 half marathons now, that my total loss of fitness means I have a lot of ground to make up and jumping back in at an intermediate level would be neither sustainable nor safe.

So Week 1’s plan vs Week 1’s reality was:

Plan: 3 miles
Actual: 3 miles

Plan: Track workout, 6 minutes of sprinting, 1 minute of walking, repeat for 30 minutes
Actual: Track workout, 300m sprint, 1oo m recovery walk, repeat for 30 minutes

Plan: Body Pump class at the gym
Actual: Body Pump class at the gym

Plan: 3 miles
Actual: …I fell asleep.

Plan: Rest
Actual: 3 miles to make up for Thursday!

Plan: 4 miles
Actual: 4 miles – with the Fairfax Four Miler for NYE!

Plan: 75 minutes of yoga
Actual: 75 minutes of yoga


YAY! I did it! I felt pretty guilty on Thursday because the wine I had at happy hour made me too sleepy to run that night, but I got my run in on Friday night instead so I could count Thursday as my rest day. While today’s run to kick off week 2 wasn’t any faster than recent runs, it is starting to feel less like fighting off the Grim Reaper every time I run lately, and more like this sport I used to do enthusiastically.

Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR! So far my resolutions are on track (thank God, hasn’t even been 48 hours of 2017 so I’d hope they’re still on track). I did my Sunday yoga like I set out to do weekly, even though I partied for NYE. I was pretty proud of myself – I managed to enjoy champagne to ring in the new year and not oversleep yoga. High five, self.

How was your New Year’s? What are you training for? Got any resolutions you’ve already broken? 😛