Hi! I’m still here! I’ve been super busy trying to keep up with all my goals, and mostly succeeding, so I may not post exactly on schedule because if it’s a choice between doing the workout and blogging about the workout, I’ll choose the workout. 🙂

Currently my biggest goal for the new year is on track! Sure, it’s only been a week and a half, but considering how quickly my energy surrounding working out was sidelined so many times over the course of 2015 and 2016… I’m well into week 3 of my training plan and I can’t remember the last time over the last two years I stuck with a training plan for longer than two weeks.

Yes – that was my biggest goal. Just sticking with it, week after week, committing to at least a small routine that even if other things get in the way, there is at least one thing I will not sacrifice for those other things. I have been to yoga 3 Sunday mornings in a row, and Body Pump 3 Wednesday evenings in a row. I’ve logged a scrimp 25 miles since starting my training plan, but that’s only 1-2 miles less than what my plan has actually called for (the night that’s been hardest for me to stick to has been Track Workout Tuesdays. It’s been cold as heck and Tuesday evenings tend to always have something).

So this past week was:

Monday: 3 miles
Tuesday: 4×400 sprints
Wednesday: Body Pump
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 4 miles
Sunday: Yoga

Monday: 3 miles √
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Body Pump √
Thursday: 3 miles √
Friday: Rest √
Saturday: 4 miles √
Sunday: Yoga √

So yes, I missed that simple track workout. I’m not beating myself up about it. The main thing I was worried about is often when I miss one workout, I lose momentum and start missing the workout after that, then the one after that. But I got right back on track on Wednesday with Body Pump and finished out the week strong. I’m maybe more proud of having missed one workout and not letting it affect me after that one day than I would be of having not missed any workouts.

This weekend I bump up to 5 miles in my long run, which will be the first time I’ve run 5 miles since July. I’m ready for it!

2013 Washington DC Rock n Roll  Marathon

As a side note- I’m glad I decided to sign up for RNR DC this year. 2017 feels like an important year to stand by my (larger) hometown. A lot of the country is poo-pooing Washington, DC, these days, but for whatever anyone says, to me it is my hometown. It is the place I spent all of elementary school going on field trips, doggedly accompanying out of town family members when they came to visit. It’s where I’ve worked and played. It’s a transient city and having grown up in its suburbs my whole life, while I do benefit from the representation of being a Maryland resident, voting in Maryland, having Maryland public school education, it has been the backdrop of my whole life. So much so that while many people my age were trying to move to my hometown from small towns, I moved away from my “most powerful city in the free world” to a little small town for a spell, but got drawn right back.


Every four to eight years a new crop of people come to my hometown. I’m keenly aware of the short distance between where my life is centralized in its Maryland suburbs and the reality of living and working in the District, but those of us in the close by suburbs – Montgomery County, MD, Prince George’s County, MD, Arlington County, VA, etc. – are still largely directly affected by the new crop of people who move to town. There’s a little bit of possessiveness that sets in, especially when it’s people who have said such awful things about our town and then ask to live and work here. And in about a week and a half, those people are arriving.


So while 2016’s running of RNR DC may have been my “homecoming” race, I feel like 2017’s RNR DC, and any time my feet are on the ground in the District, is a proud reassertion of my love for and pride in my hometown. The world may look it at as the center of US government corruption (eyeroll) and perhaps it might be, but to me it’s just my hometown, full of history, culture, art, and most importantly, people I love.

Have you run #RNRDC before, as a visitor as an area resident? Or any DC race? What do you think of our lil ol’ hometown? 😉