My name is Nevie. I write. I read. I run. I do all of these a lot. I’ve been a reader since my brother taught me my letters when I was four years old. I’ve been a writer since I could make a pencil make the shape of those letters. It took me a much longer time to become a runner. I started running around the New Year, 2013. Cliche resolution, maybe, but I’ve stuck with it. I’m not the fastest or the strongest and I’m not in it to win it. At 24 years old I decided to love myself and my body no questions asked. Running is my way of proving to myself I’m stronger, physically but more importantly mentally, than I thought before.

I live in the DC area, attend grad school at Johns Hopkins for Communication, and work in the non-profit sector. Being a single, busy, young professional in a major metro area can be both exciting and overwhelming, and the best thing about running is that it gets me out of the house, seeing and exploring the world on foot.

Aside from running, when I’m not gobbling down books or scouring various literary magazines, I also do yoga and weight-lifting. I have a terrible sweet tooth, I love loud music, I live for the beach, and I am at my most calm when in the presence of an animal. In my spare time I like to take advantage of all my hometown has to offer, whether it’s a poetry reading, an author talk, a show in the U Street area, hiking any of the various beautiful trails the East Coast has to offer, gallery/museum-hopping, or catching an Orioles game (I am just outside DC but I’m a born and raised Baltimore fan). I also volunteer as much as possible for local animal shelters and rescues. I’m a vocal advocate of improving mental health, both in treatment and prevention of illness.

My greatest woe is that there is so much to do and only so many hours in the day, days in the week, and weeks in the year. Here’s to healthy living for as many years as possible!

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